A doctor in Georgia was accused of malpractice recently after videos showed her dancing and singing during surgery. The photo illustration shows a French general practitioner with a stethoscope in a doctor's office in Bordeaux, Jan. 7, 2015. Reuters/Regis Duvignau

A doctor in Georgia has been accused of malpractice after videos showed her dancing and singing during surgery. Dubbed as the "dancing doctor," Windell Davis-Boutte is seen in videos rapping with an unconscious patient.

At least seven patients have filed lawsuits against Davis-Boutte, accusing her of negligence.

Georgia’s Composite Medical Board issued an emergency suspension Thursday, citing a threat to public health if Davis-Boutte continues to practice medicine. The board said she "failed to conform to the minimal standards" in the cases of seven patients, including Icilma Cornelius.

The board said one patient’s lung collapsed after a liposuction and breast augmentation surgery on May 30.

"When I first saw those videos I was completely shocked," said Ojay Liburb, whose mother Cornelius went in for a liposuction surgery in 2016. Paramedics were called when the 54-year-old patient went into cardiac arrest in Davis-Boutte's walk-in clinic. She suffered permanent brain damage.

After seeing the videos, Liburb thinks Davis-Boutte didn't focus on the patient.

"My mother's future is mainly bed rest, wheelchair sitting," Liburb said.

At least four malpractice suits against Davis-Boutte have been settled. But the doctor insists she has done nothing wrong. The Atlanta-area dermatologist said the music videos were recorded with her patients' consent.

"Would I go back and do anything differently? No, because it was something unforeseen and unpreventable," she said. "These were all consented videos. They were staged, they were planned."

Davis-Boutte told HLN, CNN's sister network, the videos were filmed "for the most part during the recovery period when I thought it was safe." She also thanked her supportive staff, who she knew were "monitoring everything that's going on" in the operating room.

Susan Witt, an attorney representing three women in the cases against Davis-Boutte, said the videos show lack of care and concern for patients.