Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's common-law wife Emma Coronel files a complaint against her husband's prison.
Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is escorted to a helicopter in handcuffs by Mexican navy marines at a navy hanger. Guzman leader of Mexico's Sinaloa drug Cartel, was captured alive overnight in the beach resort town of Mazatlan, considered the Mexican most-wanted drug dealer on Feb. 22, 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo by STR/LatinContent/Getty Images

Famous Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has allegedly been tortured during his imprisonment at a Mexican federal prison, which has caused his common-law wife to file a complaint with Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission on Monday, according to reports.

This isn’t the first time Guzman’s wife, Emma Coronel, has filed complaints regarding the poor treatment the father of her twin daughters has reportedly received while in prison. In the former beauty queen’s latest complaint, Coronel cited her 58-year-old husband's declining health and requested for the commission to improve Guzman’s living arrangements after a judge recently rejected five extradition appeals for the Sinaloa Cartel leader.

Guzman returned to prison back in January after escaping a maximum-security prison in 2015. Since his return to life behind bars — he's broken out of prison twice after years of evading the police — the drug kingpin has reportedly been deprived of sleep and family visits.

Coronel, who is actually an American citizen, and Guzman exchanged nuptials back in 2007 when she was just 18 years old. The La Gran Feria del Café y la Guayaba beauty pageant winner, whose father Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel was also a member of Guzman’s famed Sinaloa Cartel, has managed to stay under the radar since she was first spotted with the notorious drug lord when he was arrested for the second time back in 2014.

However, since her husband’s recapture earlier in 2016, Coronel has publicly advocated for her husband’s removal from El Altiplano, where he has been serving time in solitary confinement since Jan. 8.

Earlier in the year Coronel spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the harsh conditions her husband was facing while in prison. In addition to only allowing her to see him once for all of 15 minutes, the 26-year-old said that her husband, who has been charged with a string of crimes from drug trafficking and money laundering to murder, was “slowly being tortured.”

She also said she was “afraid for his life” if judges didn’t grant his extradition to a U.S. prison.