Singer Aaron Carter’s girlfriend Madison Parker was charged with possession of marijuana and obstruction of justice at 9 p.m. EDT, Saturday, in Georgia, when she was headed with her boyfriend to Carter's performance in Kansas City.

Carter was also arrested for Driving Under Influence (DUI) and the possession of marijuana, Page Six reported. Before he was taken into police custody, he managed to send out a tweet, informing his fans he would be missing the Saturday show in Kansas due to "transportation issues."

Parker and Carter have been dating for the past six months, and within this short span of time, the couple has been through thick and thin. When the singer was admitted to a hospital in June for  a medical condition called Hiatal Hernia, Parker was right by his side.

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She also defended her boyfriend when he was openly body-shamed by social media users who mocked him after that. Parker took to Twitter and told everyone to give Carter his space since he was not feeling well.

On June 22, Parker posted a message that the singer had sent to her on Instagram. “I never had a woman who appreciated and understood what family is all about. I love you my ethnic beautiful woman,” read the message. Parker wrote a long, equally romantic caption to the post that read: “To feel this kind of love from you makes me believe that there is such things as soul mates…”

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Parker frequently posts updates on Carter’s concerts and messages of appreciation for her boyfriend. 

According to Parker’s LinkedIn profile, she is a professional freelance photographer, who graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Photography. She currently works under the name Madpics in Los Angeles.

Parker came into Carter’s life after he broke up with his previous girlfriend Lee Karis in 2015. Carter opened up about his breakup in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

“Like a ride or die,” he said. “I’ve said that to her before and, at one point in our relationship, she was like, ‘I’m not your ride or die. I’m not committed to you.’ I was just like, ‘That’s gonna hurt me. And it did. And we broke up and, you know, I made mistakes. And we just keep coming back to each other.”

After he met Parker, he released his new album “LØVË” on February 10. Regarding his newfound inspiration, Carter told Hollywood Reporter: “Madison and I have been together about 6 months, and I’ve already written more songs about my new love than about my ex and they’re going to be in the album.”

Possession of more than an ounce of marijuana is considered a felony in Georgia. If one is found in possession higher quantities of weed, they could be facing up to 10 years in prison.

However, according to Habersham County Captain Floyd Canup, Carter and his girlfriend were in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and other drug-related substances at the time of their arrest, and hence they were charged with misdemeanor, CNN reported. Carter will be liable to pay $1000 fine or choose to spend a year in jail.