In a cryptic video posted to Facebook Live Saturday, Kenneka Jenkins could apparently be heard saying, “Help me,” in the background. Police said Jenkins was drunk at a Chicago hotel, walked in a freezer and died. Rumors on Twitter, however, claimed Jenkins’ friends set her up to be raped and killed for money. The video that Monifah Shelton posted garnered more than 1.6 million views by Tuesday.

Shelton shared a clip of herself with Jenkins before she was found. “Come home so I could see yo big ass smile. idk how to feel right now I'm literally sick to my stomach. I love u so much & I hate this even happening to you right now I'm over here praying for you baby wherever u at I hope u okay god got you,” she wrote.

While police didn’t name Shelton or her other friend, Irene Roberts, as people of interest, Twitter users were apparently convinced of their guilt. They took to the mini-blog to share their theories. Some of them have been posted below:

Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, was not convinced her daughter walked into a freezer because she was drunk. More, she claimed if police started to look for Jenkins when she first called them at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, she might still be alive.

Rosemont Police seemed satisfied with their explanation, but like Jenkins’ mother, internet users were convinced there was more to the story. One of the most damning parts of evidence was the live video Irene Roberts posted to Shelton’s Facebook page.

Some claimed they could hear Jenkins’ say, “help me,” in the video. When her apparent cries can be heard, Roberts turns up the music. In a different part of the clip, a male voice apparently says, “We’re about to murder somebody.” That video has garnered more than 4 million views, over 55,000 shares and thousands of comments.

Shelton and Roberts apparently called Martin after Jenkins was missing for several hours. She rushed over to the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel and Conference Center, but the employees were not willing to help Martin look for her daughter, according to a claim for a petition.

Now, the creator of the petition wants the Rosemont hotel shut down.

“[The] mother of victim went to [the] hotel to identify her child and was refused to let her inside and employees of the hotel asked her to leave the premises. Cameras are not being shown to [the] victim’s family, [or] how the victim got into the freezer when a camera is across the freezer,” part of the page said. “This petition’s goal is to get Crowne Plaza hotel shut down and get justice for Kenneka.”

Despite the criticism they faced from social media and Jenkins’ mother, the Rosemont Police Department was satisfied with their investigation.

“Anyone can understand how a parent can feel distraught over the loss of a child and feel the need to lash out due to the tremendous pain they're feeling, and we certainly understand that,” Gary Mack, a spokesman for the village of Rosemont, told the Chicago Tribune Sunday. “But people can rest assured Rosemont is one of the top, highest trained, most respected police departments in the state of Illinois and does a good job at what they do.”

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