As part of a plan to improve Facebook, laid out by CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month, the app has added a “Town Hall” feature to encourage users to get more involved in local government and politics.

The addition is now live and accessible on the app and in a web browser.

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How To Use Facebook Town Hall Feature:

In your browser you’ll find the feature on the left side of the webpage.

But on your phone first make sure you’ve downloaded Facebook’s latest update and open up the app. Select the icon in the lower right hand corner that looks like three horizontal lines. Scroll down and select “Town Hall” it looks like a building with pillars.

The Facebook Town Hall feature.

Once you select it you’ll be prompted to either enter your address or skip that step. By entering your address Facebook will be able to better pinpoint your area and the politicians who serve that district.

The Town Hall feature will ask you to set a location by entering your address.

If you don’t input an address Facebook will use your current location to show the government officials near you. If you input an address, or zip code if you prefer, you’ll see a list of your local, state and federal representatives with pages with options to “follow” and “contact” them. If you follow them, their posts will appear in your news feed and when you choose contact you’ll be given an array of ways to contact them either through email or Facebook.

When the location is set to New York City, this is what the list of representatives looks like.

The addition of Town Halls is just Facebook’s latest step in making politics more accessible for its users. During election season Facebook also added a feature to help get users registered to vote.