Three-fifths of British boy band One Direction is spoken for after Liam Payne confirmed on Monday that Sophia Smith is his new girlfriend.

Liam, 19, broke the news to Yahoo's celebrity portal omg while publicizing 1D’s new concert film, “One Direction: This Is Us.”

The band members, which includes Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, were asked who is the biggest flirt.

"I'm not because I've got a girlfriend,” replied Louis, who is seeing model Eleanor Calder.

Liam jumped in, “and me,” dropping a bombshell on Directioners.

When pressed for details, Liam said -- “"Yes, yes I do [have a girlfriend.] She's sitting right over there. It's not been long." -- and pointed at Sophia, who attended the media event.

So who is this brunette? Here’s five things to know about Liam’s new girlfriend:

1. She knew Liam before he was famous

Liam and Sophia both attended St. Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, but the two weren’t exactly close friends at the time. “I knew who Liam was back in school, I didn't actually know him as a friend…” she posted Tuesday on Twitter.

2. She’s denying reports that she rejected Liam 22 times before becoming his girlfriend

Some tabloids said she shot him down 22 times before deciding to go out with him. Not true, she says.

“Yes me and Liam were schoolmates a good while ago, but I am NOT the girl that refused him 22 times! That's just cruel.”

3. She can’t sing

Don’t expect Sophia to come out with an album anytime soon or collaborate with One Direction.

“I sing worse than a walrus on laughing gas falling off a building,” she said on Twitter.

4. She seems well-grounded

Her Twitter profile describes her as “Just a normal British girl who enjoys a lovely cup of tea.”

5. She’s exponentially gaining Twitter followers

Before she became Liam's girl, Sophia had about 1,000 Twitter followers. That number has jumped to more than 12,000 -- and counting.

When she reached 11,000 followers, she tweeted, “It's hard to believe just 2 days ago I had 1,000 followers and now I have 11K! The things you guys do! Thank you:)”