The official Season 28 cast reveal for “Dancing With the Stars” is almost here, and the series is making a long-awaited return with a cast that has been promised to be bigger than ever.

While fans will have to wait until “GMA” officially introduces everyone, there have been several clues and guesses about who will be participating, with the show itself dropping some big clues about their potential celebrities going for a spin around the dance floor. While ABC and the producers behind the reality competition series won’t confirm anything prior to the big reveal, here’s who we can expect to be on the show based on the hints thus far.

Guesses: Fans seem to be in consensus that this particular competitor is the most recent star of “The Bachelorette,” Hannah Brown.

Clues: Eagle-eyed fans of Brown noticed telltale birthmarks and freckles they remember seeing on the reality star in the photo, which makes it likely that she is the one featured. In addition, the caption seems to indicate the person photographed is from the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” franchise with an emphasis on the word LOVE.

Who It Is: “The Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown

This reveal is one that is more of a confirmation of what fans already know versus the hints that were made. Reality Steve revealed a few weeks back that it was a done deal that the latest “Bachelorette” star was going to be on the show, and that was recently backed up by a report in Us Weekly which seemed to also confirm it.

Partner: While none of the pros participating this season have been outwardly confirmed either, Sasha Farber’s commenting on the post led to some fans speculating he could be the one who would take Brown on her dancing journey. The two could be a perfect match as well, as Farber, who is 5’7” often gets partners who are a shorter/average stature since he is shorter than some of his fellow male pros. Brown is also 5’7”, making her the perfect height for the longtime pro.

Guesses: “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller, Singer/Actress Debbie Allen

Clues: There really aren’t any major clues as to who this particular celeb is outside of what fans can see in regards to their appearance, but there could potentially be a subtle clue in the caption with “singing the names from the rooftops.”

Who It Is: The guess here puts money more firmly on Allen than it does Miller. If the “singing” is a clue, then it fits with Allen. In addition, Miller posted on her Youtube Channel a week ago to show that she had undergone a Knee Replacement Surgery, and recovery from procedures can take between 4-6 months.

Partner: Again, no pros are confirmed, but Olympic softball player Jennie Finch, who participated on “Athletes” in 2018, did comment that she couldn’t wait on the post. If she is reaching out due to the two sharing a partner, then this competitor would be dancing with Keo Motsepe.

Guesses: Karamo Brown from “Queer Eye”

Clues: Someone who is interested in fashion, a college banner, location coordinates and a hint at “Real World.”

Who It Is: Fans are correct with their guess that Brown is the one referenced in the image. The Fashion serves as a clue to his current job as a member of the Fab Five, as is the caption about a fan being a "cultural genius" if they guessed the star (Brown is the Culture Expert). Meanwhile, the “Real World” reference is a nod to his time on “Real World: Philadelphia.” In addition, the college banner is for Florida A&M University—where Brown went to school, and the coordinates are ones for Houston, Texas, where he was born.

Partner: If DeMarcus Ware commenting on the post is a hint, then Brown will be dancing with Season 25 champ, Lindsay Arnold.

Guesses: Dwayne Wade, Scottie Pippen, Michael Strahan, Stephen Curry

Clues: Legendary Ball Skills imply an NBA player

Who It Is: Dwayne Wade

Of the guesses being ventured, Wade is the one who makes the most logical choice when it comes to trying out some fancy footwork in the ballroom. Not only did he officially retire earlier this year, freeing him up to compete, but one fan commented that he followed show co-host Erin Andrews, which seems to hint he is, in fact, participating this season.

Partner: No real clues have surfaced that suggest a potential partnership, but it’s worth noting that most of the female pros have previously worked with NBA stars, meaning any of them are likely to partner up with an athlete once again.

Guesses: Jessica Simpson, Alyssa Edwards, Kristin Chenoweth, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez

Clues: Celeb is a “Queen of the stage,” according to the caption, while the photo shares hints that she may be known for fashion and singing. Other clues are the sign of a Cancer, a black rose, and a picture of the state of Texas.

Who It Is: Our guess is Alyssa Edwards

While some fans may wish that Texas natives Gomez, Beyonce and Simpson are signing on to the show, they may be a bit more A-list than the show would usually get, leaving Chenoweth and Edwards. Chenoweth is also a bigger star, and notably not from Texas, which leaves Edwards, who is a famous Drag Queen who competed on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Partner: Being that Edwards would be the first Drag Queen to compete on the show, it leaves her potential partner to be anyone’s game.

Guesses: Lauren Alaina

Clues: The caption for the photo references Country Music, stating “We’re buzzing all over the Country!”

Who It Is: Lauren Alaina

The country singer, who was the runner-up on Season 10 of “American Idol,” seems like a likely choice for the show, and fans seemed intent that it was her in the photo due to her hair.

Partner: Alan Bersten is the one fans seem to think is taking her for a spin on the dance floor, as Alaina has followed him on social media.

Will our guesses be proven correct? Find out as the “Dancing With the Stars” cast is announced live on “Good Morning America.”