Many Apple fans have been looking forward to a new iPhone, iPad or any device release every September these past few years. However, Apple has kept mum about its possible new device releases for September this year. Even so, Apple may not be able to afford not unveiling a new offering, with their rivals on the cusp of releasing a new type of smart device.

Based on Apple’s major announcements earlier this year, the company’s interest lies more on services and diversifying itself as a brand. Instead of the usual smartphone new releases, Apple is now interested in offering new services, improving existing ones and introducing new subscriptions. Some of these services are out of the scope of smart gadgets such as Apple Wallet’s support for university IDs.

Prior to the 2019 wave of Apple services, the company has been known for releasing new iPhones in September. Regardless of its specs, Apple would release the next generation of iPhone, which would feature some improvements compared to the previous version. While some releases have revolutionized the product line, many fans would still like the new version even if it only came with some minor improvements for the camera and compatibility with the latest iOS update.

While Apple has not yet announced any new device, its rivals, Huawei and Samsung, could completely take its place in the hearts of its fans. By September, Samsung is planning to release a new foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The company has confirmed that it has fixed most of the issues reviewers found earlier this year. Many fans and the rest of the industry are expecting this device to be the first successful foldable device to be released.

Meanwhile, Huawei is also releasing its own foldable device, the Mate X. Its specs are yet to be known so it is unsure if it’ll compare to Samsung’s product. However, Huawei has a great opening to sell the device stateside if the trade ban gets reprieved, a topic which was discussed by the U.S. and Chinese presidents on Aug. 18.

Without any devices lined up, Apple could lose its spot as one of the best smartphone companies in the world. We’ll have to wait if the company has a surprise to compete with the two big releases. It would be best to tease the next "iPhone 11" as soon as possible.

iPhone Apple will be unveiling this year's iPhones soon, reports believe. (Pictured: Ann Thai, senior product marketing manager of the App Store at Apple Inc., speaks during a company product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on March 25, 2019 in Cupertino, California. ) Photo: Michael Short/Getty Images