If you’re the type to go for the minimalist Android launcher, then it’s possible that you may have used or is still using the Google Now launcher. Its easy-to-navigate interface and its minimalist design are two things that make it an instant favorite of many Android consumers. Unfortunately, happy days will soon be over for Google Now launcher patrons because a recent leak is claiming that Google will be killing its popular launcher next month. 

According to BGR, Google is removing the Google Now launcher from the Play Store on March 1. The removal of the app would also signal the end of support for it. Thus, no more major updates are coming to devices still running it. No new devices are also shipping with this launcher straight out of the box. 

The claim that Google is terminating its famous launcher comes from a leaked email to Android device manufacturers that was obtained by Android Police on Friday. Explaining why its the end of the road for its Now launcher, Google indicated that the new Search Launcher Services is going to duplicate the features of Google Now. This means device manufacturers will soon have the capacity to create their own launchers with features from Google Now. 

Despite its decision to discontinue Google Now, Google stated in the email that it is willing to continue supporting existing users of the launcher by updating the Google Search app. Nevertheless, users will henceforth be incapable of downloading and installing the Google Now launcher from the Play Store. 

The Google Now launcher is a unique app for it controls the home screen and it also brings extra functions to the table. It serves as a good contrast to Samsung and LG”s bloatware, for it just comes with a clean and clutter-free interface. Terminating it could simply mean that Google is setting its sights on making the Pixel Launcher public or available to everyone, as per MobiPicker