Apple is already rolling out the iOS 11 software update to iPhone and iPad devices, but notably absent from the new operating system is the Messages in iCloud feature, which the Cupertino giant introduced at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference back in June. The feature was present when beta testing was still ongoing, but Apple decided to remove it from the beta process without saying anything. 

Fortunately, the Messages in iCloud feature was not scrapped and will instead be released through a minor software update. Apple Insider reported Wednesday that fans can expect the feature to return and become part of the official iOS 11 software update “at some undisclosed point in the future.” Even though the site does not have any clue as to when exactly Apple really intends to launch the feature, it is still very firm in claiming that it will be publicly released.

Messages in iCloud, like what its name suggests, stores older messages to the iCloud to save storage space on the iOS-running device. This means only the newest messages would be stored on the device, while the dated ones are moved to the iCloud for retrieval when needed. The synchronization with the Messages app also makes it easy for users to completely delete messages on their logged-in device.

There’s no mention of Messages in iCloud on the feature page for iOS 11 as of the moment. However, Apple has stated in the past that the feature, which was no longer present starting with the fifth beta version of iOS 11, will come to its iOS products in a future software update. Prior Apple’s confirmation, developers and beta testers assumed that the feature will make a comeback in time for iOS 11’s release. 

Trusted Reviews pointed out that it’s actually typical of Apple to deliver some key features in a later version of its new mobile operating systems. It can be noted that when iOS 10 was launched for the iPhone 7 Plus last year, it did not come with the portrait mode for the smartphone. Owners had to wait for iOS 10.1 to take advantage of the feature while using the dual-camera module of their handset. 

The site also claims it’s possible that Apple will be introducing Messages in iCloud either in the iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2 update. Interestingly, Messages in iCloud isn’t the only one absent from iOS 11 at launch. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay and AirPlay 2 are also not functional at present. The former is designed to allow users to send cash to each other, while the latter is useful for people who want to connect their device to multiple speakers.