Kate Middleton welcomed her first child, Prince George, in 2015. And her first pregnancy was announced in 2014.

But on the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering if the Duchess of Cambridge was really pregnant with her first child at that time. Some of them are convinced that Prince William and Middleton hired a surrogate for their first child, Prince George.

Chris Jones, a former physics academic publisher, said that the claim isn’t all that surprising to him. Even though he is not conspiracy-minded, it is possible that the Duchess of Cambridge cannot have children of her own or she may have difficulty getting pregnant so she had to hire a surrogate.

Jones said that the trend has become all too familiar. After a royal’s pregnancy is announced, she is hidden away from the public’s eye amid claims that she’s suffering from extreme morning sickness.

And when she finally steps out in public, it is evident that she has not gained much weight. It is also not uncommon for pregnant royals to not have huge baby bumps just like Middleton. During all three of her pregnancies, it seemed as though her bump was fake.

But other royal fans said that it is unlikely that Middleton hired a surrogate during her first, second, or third pregnancies. Ree Connell, an avid follower of the British royal family, said that if the Duchess of Cambridge hired a surrogate, she and her husband won’t pretend that she gave birth at the hospital.

“There would be too many witnesses, too many people to pay off and the risk of the media discovering the surrogate mother. The Royal mother would state they were having a home birth and then appear at a later date with the new baby in order to maximize their privacy,” she said.

Thomas Dalton also said that it was unlikely that Middleton faked her pregnancy.

“If she was only pretending to be pregnant, why would she spend ages in hospital pretending to have severe morning sickness? If you are telling a lie, it is usually best to keep it simple,” he said.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton visits The Foundling Museum on March 19, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland