Prince Andrew reportedly dislikes one royal pastime that the other members of the royal family enjoy.

In the book “Prince Edward,” royal biographer Ingrid Seward revealed how different Prince Andrew was from his siblings, particularly Prince Edward. Even though the two male royals may be considered close, they had very different temperaments.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward also had different interests. And their attitude towards horses couldn’t be more different.

“The highlight of Edward’s young day soon became his riding lesson. Andrew had developed the painful habit of falling off and quickly developed an aversion to riding,” Seward said.

Meanwhile, the other members of the royal family also love horses. The Queen and Prince Philip have been enjoying the quintessential royal pastime for decades.

In fact, even at the age of 98, the Duke of Edinburgh still rides a horse-drawn carriage every now and then. Just a few weeks ago, he was photographed riding in Windsor alongside two of his female royal aides.

The Queen and the Duke’s only daughter, Princess Anne, is also passionate when it comes to horse riding. In fact, she is considered as an accomplished equestrian. Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, also competes in horse riding matches.

Meanwhile, there have been reports suggesting that Prince Andrew was also very different from his older brother, Prince Charles. On the online forum site Quora, royal fan Jade Worthington said that the differences between the royal siblings may have strengthened because they grew up in different circumstances.

“Even though Charles was born while his mother was a Princess, she spent very little time with him. She went on a long tour abroad and also lived in Malta while he stayed behind in the UK… Andrew was born while Elizabeth was Queen… She took maternity leave and enjoyed motherhood with him,” she said.

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew’s role in the royal family are also diverse and at a young age, they were aware of this.

Prince Andrew
Pictured: Prince Andrew arrives for a reception at the Honourable Artillery Company following the Afghanistan service of commemoration at St Paul's Cathedral on March 13, 2015 in London. Getty Images/Niklas Halle’n