Royal fans have shared their thoughts on why Prince Harry keeps his beard despite the Queen’s disapproval.

One netizen took to Quora and asked why Prince Harry doesn’t shave his beard. According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl in her book “Harry: Life, Loss and Love,” the Queen wasn’t a fan of Prince Harry’s facial hair. The monarch believes that men should be clean-shaven.

The Queen was reportedly fine with Prince Harry’s decision to grow his facial hair when he was still serving in the military. However, she was frustrated when the Duke of Sussex returned to his royal duties in 2015 without any attempt of cleaning up his look.

Royal fans have different opinions why Prince Harry doesn’t shave. One said that “guys look better with beards,” so that’s probably the reason the duke maintains his beard.

Meanwhile, others were convinced that it was Prince Harry’s choice because he simply wants it. Others said that the Queen gave him permission to keep his beard. 

According to Ernest W. Adams, a game design consultant, author and professor, Prince Charles received permission from his grandmother to wear a uniform and maintain his beard. Others said that it’s okay because Prince Harry is no longer serving in the military.

“Tradition suggests that anyone wearing a British army or air force uniform should be clean shaven, but the rule can only be applied to persons who are still serving in the military,” Paul Inglis commented.

Many also believed that Prince Harry let his hair grow partly due to Markle. One said that it’s “most likely because Meghan really likes it.” 

“It's pretty obvious he wears a beard to look older than Meghan , can't say he even suits a beard, won't last long methinks , the beard I mean,” Miller Ian wrote.

In related news, Prince Harry just revealed that he wants two kids with Markle. The Duke of Sussex revealed this during his interview with conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. Prince Harry said that he only wants two and that’s the “maximum.”

Prince Harry Prince Harry is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Photo: Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images