Princess Diana didn’t have security protection after her divorce from Prince Charles but not because the royal family didn’t offer her one.

On the online forum site Quora, a royal fan claimed that the late Princess of Wales was offered security protection even though she was no longer an official member of the royal family but she refused it.

Deven Diamantis, a graduate of public relations and international relations at Montclair State University, said that Princess Diana felt that those that were hired by the royal family were spying on her.

“Security would always know who she was with, who she was talking to, what she was saying, where she was, and could potentially report all of that information back to the Queen or Prince Charles. Princess Diana had to be on edge at all times and could never trust anyone completely,” she wrote.

Chris Smith, a teacher, also shared the same thoughts. He said that Princess Diana refused the royal family’s offer for security protection and the decision was entirely up to her. But when she was with Prince William and Prince Harry, she was required to have security protection because her sons are still members of the royal family.

“She had it initially after her divorce but she came to believe that the security officers were reporting her actions to Charles – they weren’t as they are police officers and simply reported her actions as required to their own chain of command – and so insisted that official security was removed,” he wrote.

Eileen Wood, a real estate assistant, said a similar thing about Princess Diana not having security protection. But Wood also said that Princess Diana had a bodyguard on the night of her accident in Paris.

Wood said that Princess Diana’s former bodyguard was the only one who was smart and sober enough to wear his seatbelt on the night of the accident that’s why he’s the only one that survived.