They’re one of the best teams on Season 31 of “The Amazing Race,” and have a very good chance of winning the whole thing. However, Colin Guinn and Christie Woods will still need to overcome two other legs if they want to call themselves champions.

There doesn’t seem like much that can stop Colin and Christie, who have undergone a radical transformation since their first appearance on the CBS reality competition series, and they have perhaps one of the best chances of winning Season 31 overall. However, the two will still need to also overcome one other big challenge that might be standing in their way on their quest to $1 million.


They Have The Best Working Relationship

AR3109_Team01_Still3_RaftChallenge Colin and Christie have an amazing relationship together on “The Amazing Race.” Photo: CBS

While all the teams making it to the final two legs generally have good partnerships, Colin and Christie’s is definitely the best. While Season 5 Colin lost his cool when things didn’t go right, the newer more zen Colin doesn’t, and Christie is equally as calm and peaceful. This has served them well during their tasks thus far, and they haven’t let the stress get to them as a result. Nothing was more evident of this than their performance after being U-Turned in Switzerland, where they turned up their competitive sides a little more, but still stayed calm and managed to place 3rd. This ability to just focus in on the tasks they have to complete will likely serve them well if they don’t lose focus in the final legs.

They’re The Most Consistent Team This Season

The reward for Colin and Christie’s laser-focus and calm demeanor has been the most consistent performance throughout the season. Though they don’t have a large number of first-place finishes, only getting that coveted spot twice, they have never managed to finish below the Top 4 in a single leg—and of all 10 completed so far, eight have seen them in the top three. It’s hard to ignore those statistics going into the finale, where having a strong finish is everything.


They’re The Most Consistent Team This Season

Team1_Still2_WaterBoatChallenge Colin and Christie’s consistent performance could be both an advantage and disadvantage on “The Amazing Race.” Photo: CBS

However, while their consistency is a good thing, it’s also something that can potentially hurt them. While they’ve proven they can be strong, they haven’t quite broken out often as the top team either—which could be a disadvantage in the final legs.

Tyler And Korey Are Equally As Strong

The fact that they haven’t been able to break out as the top team as often is something that could be a detriment to them because of the team they’re going to be up against. Tyler and Korey have also been strong contenders all season—and have four first-place finishes under their belts. That’s a record that’s hard to ignore in the final leg, and it’s the one thing that could stand in Colin and Christie’s way.

Will Colin and Christie win Season 31 of “The Amazing Race?” Find out on the season finale, airing Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.