Some have touted Google+ as the Facebook killer.  Others think it'll kill Twitter.  An even crazier notion is that it'll kill emails.

The constant Google+ comparisons remind me of what happens to every single non-center NBA star, who are all inevitably compared to Michael Jordan, even though some of them don't even play the same position.

Of course, there are legitimate comparisons like Facebook to MySpace and Internet Explorer to Netscape.  But these are apples to apples, not apples to orange.

Google+, however, is an entirely new fruit (excuse the corny metaphor) that shouldn't be touted as a killer to every single online sharing tool. 

It's not Facebook, which is a place to feature profiles and identities of people on the Internet. Will your long lost friend from high school now contact you via Google+ because you both joined the ABC High School Alum Google+ group?  Will Ron Paul supporters now create a Ron Paul 2012 Google+ page?

It's not Twitter, which is what you have to say to the world.  Will Lady Gaga now have 11 million followers on Google+? Will #RIPCelebrityName hashtags now be floated on Google+?

The answer to all of the questions above is 'yes' to some degree because there are always people who use technology the way they're not supposed to be used, like the guy who uses Facebook as Twitter, email, LinkedIn, craigslist, and Yahoo! Answers.

However, the overlaps will likely be limited and there is enough room for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and email to all survive and thrive.

Ultimately, Google+ is what it is.  It's a tool to share content seamlessly on Google platforms and a way to easily create segregated groups.

The single biggest factor to whether or not it'll succeed is how good it is, regardless of what Facebook and Twitter do.