Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle’s three rings say a lot about her personality. Pictured: Markle visits Reprezent 107.3FM on Jan. 9, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Meghan Markle may be a controlling wife to Prince Harry after the couple ties the knot!

Johnny Ficham, a Norfolk-based author and expert on hand reading, told the Daily Mail that a few things about Markle’s personality may be interpreted based on the three rings she wore during her recent sighting in Brixton.

One of Markle’s rings was placed on her thumb, and this suggests that she could be a controlling wife. “The thumbs are about self-control and willpower. The development of the oppositional thumb is the key evolutionary advance that made humans able to control their destiny. When a person wears a ring on the thumb, it represents a drive for more power,” Ficham said.

Markle’s second ring was placed on her index finger. The hand reading expert said that rings on the index finger symbolize esteem. “Wearing a ring on the index finger can help boost your sense of self. It can act as a reminder to pull your finger out, as it were, helping you to grow in stature and develop in power,” he said.

The former actress’ third gold band was placed on her fourth or ring finger. According to Ficham, this symbolizes love and commitment.

“This finger has a direct meridian line connection to the heart in traditional Chinese medicine. Ancient Egyptians believe the vena amoris, the vein of love, made a connection between this finger and the heart. The ring places restrictions on its yearnings, importance ones once a commitment is made,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle are set to tie the knot on May 19. Even though Markle may be a controlling wife to the prince, it is highly unlikely that the public will know about it.

What royal fans may watch out for is the couple’s body language especially after they get married. Experts previously said that Markle and Prince Harry’s body language will say a lot about their married life in the coming months.