• The new "Fable" game is getting built on the ForzaTech engine
  • It's being developed by Playground Games, which also made the "Forza" series
  • The new engine enables the most advanced graphical rendering techniques and effects

Fans of the action-RPG genre will be very happy to know that “Fable,” one of the most iconic RPGs for the original Xbox, is getting remade for the Xbox Series X and PC.

Last year, a short reveal trailer was released by Xbox Game Studios featuring a look at the game’s new next-gen aesthetic, with the same wonderful and colorful landscapes as the first “Fable” game.

The trailer does give off a more fairy-tale-inspired vibe than “Fable 3,” and judging by the designs of the fairies in the trailer, the reboot will sport a more realistic look than the original.

The original “Fable” was first released back in 2004 for PC, Xbox and Mac computers. The game had some great graphics for the time, but the art style in terms of character design was definitely more on the cartoony side. The body proportions were odd, and people in-game looked blocky.

The sequel had definitely improved the overall quality of character models and graphics in general, but their art styles were still quite similar to the first game.

The “Fable” reboot is expected to make the most use out of next-gen hardware. Recently, it was revealed that the game is actually being built on the ForzaTech engine, IGN reported. This is the same engine used on the titular “Forza” series of racing games that are known for having ultra-realistic graphics.

The engine allows for a multitude of modern graphical features like raytracing, which will definitely breathe more life into the magical world of “Fable.”

Playground Games, the studio behind the “Forza” series, is spearheading the “Fable” reboot project as the game’s developer. A racing game studio developing an open-world action RPG is a bit of an unexpected combination, but Playground Games is excellent at creating beautiful vistas and stunning landscapes. It can use its world-creation experience from “Forza” to make a breathtaking fantasy setting with “Fable.”

There’s no word yet on when the “Fable” reboot will get released, but with E3 2021 on the horizon, Microsoft might just reveal more details about the game and possibly an actual gameplay trailer for the fans who have been waiting for a new “Fable” game for years now.

Fable Reboot Announcement Trailer Fable Reboot Announcement Trailer Photo: Xbox Game Studios