Meghan Markle The Royals
Will Meghan Markle be the inspiration behind a new character on "The Royals?" Here, she is pictured visiting Millenium Point in Birmingham< England on March 8, 2018. Ian Vogler-WPA Pool/Getty Images

They are also members of the monarchy (albeit a fictional one), and are very loosely based on actual members of the real royal family. Now, fans of E!'s "The Royals" want to know if the show will introduce a character in future seasons who will represent the real royal family's newest soon-to-be official member—Meghan Markle.

Markle will officially be joining the royal family when she marries Prince Harry on May 19, and since some of the characters on the hit series bear a little resemblance to actual members of the Windsor Clan, there is reason to believe that a Markle influenced character could be added to the show if it is picked up for a fifth season. However, it seems unlikely such a role would be introduced.

The series may have predicted the potential for an American commoner (Markle is a former actress who is from the U.S.), to join the royal family back when it premiered. At the time, a character named Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), who happened to be the head of security's daughter, was involved with Prince Liam (William Moseley), who seemed like the next King of England after his brother Robert's (Max Brown) death. After fighting for him, Ophelia eventually gave up and moved to New York, and has been off the canvas ever since.

Though at the time Prince Liam seemed like he was made to be the Prince William of the fictional royal family, his brother's return in Season 3 has seemingly made him more like the "spare heir," a.k.a Prince Harry. The show doesn't seem likely to consider giving him another American commoner love interest after already going that route in the first season.

In addition, another American "Commoner" is also a part of the royal family and romantically involved with the other "spare heir," Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park). Jasper Frost (Tom Austen), who is a member of the security team protecting the family, is also from America, and seems to be more poised as a Markle-like character.

Though Robert is officially king now, which officially places Liam in the role of second in line to the throne, he is likely to be overthrown if Liam can prove his theory that his brother was involved in the plot to murder their father. Should Liam then be crowned king, that would officially make Eleanor the equivalent of Prince Harry on the show. If her relationship with Jasper works out and the two get back together for good, he would officially be the equivalent to Meghan Markle.

Of course, the show could, if picked up for a new season, still try to spice things up further by adding another character to the mix. Unfortunately for Loyals, they won't know the answer to that until the show is officially picked up for Season 5—and then premieres those episodes.

For now, Loyals can tune in and watch Season 4 of "The Royals," premiering tonight at 10 p.m. EDT on E!