Tori Spelling
Dean McDermott reportedly wants to divorce Tori Spelling after she chose to film a reality show after news broke that he cheated on her. Lifetime

Many wondered if Tori Spelling would divorce her husband, Dean McDermott, after news broke of his cheating, but he’s apparently tired of the former “90210” star “playing the victim” and is threatening to divorce her first. The celebrity chef admitted to his infidelity and went to rehab, but after she allegedly forced him to film “True Tori,” McDermott might have been pushed beyond repair.

“Dean has finally had enough and he is tired of Tori playing the victim,” a source told Radar Online. “Yes, Dean cheated on her, but Tori definitely played a role in where their marriage was when that happened. For months, Tori has railed on Dean and he has taken it. However, Dean has had it. Now he is threatening her with divorce.”

Spelling, 40, chose to do a reality show when their marriage already was almost fractured beyond repair. “There was a time when Dean would have done whatever Tori wanted, but this has gone too far,” the insider added.

The reality show might have ruined any chance at reconciliation. “Publicly shaming Dean is one thing, but their four children are going to be able to watch the show when they are older, and that really distresses him,” the source said.

On Monday a clip of McDermott, 47, telling their therapist their sex life “wasn’t fantastic” went viral. The counselor said the husband's expectations weren’t realistic. In a telling moment, McDermott says his worst fear was to cheat on his wife, but Spelling questions whether the real fear was getting caught.

“I can never give him enough sex,” she said through tears in another teaser. “He’s never going to be happy with just me.” Radar Online reported earlier that McDermott wanted sex “24/7.”

“True Tori” will air on Lifetime Tuesday night at 10/9c. The six-episode series will document their lives as they try to move past McDermott’s infidelity and rehab stay.

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