Two supposed Black Lives Matter backers from Atlanta had their accounts wiped from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as a new report suggests the anti-Hillary Clinton personalities were actually a Russian government-backed propaganda account.

The “Williams and Kalvin” YouTube account was filled with videos showing the duo, who identify themselves as Williams and Kalvin Johnson, berating Hillary Clinton as an “old racist b***h” who does not have the support of African-Americans. They endorsed Donald Trump for president last year saying “any businessman cannot be racist” amid a chaotic 2016 election that has seen social media giants like Facebook admitting massive amounts of Russian-backed content flooded its pages during the campaign.

The Daily Beast now reports that not only is the “Williams and Kalvin” account set up and funded directly by the Kremlin, but the two aren’t even from Atlanta – they’re from Nigeria. The report says "multiple sources familiar with the [Facebook] account and the reasons for its removal" confirmed that the two were a Russian-backed propaganda team.

Their fiery video rants published on their social media accounts over the course of the election targeted Bill and Hillary Clinton’s private lives with increasingly vile sexual language as well as frequent accusations of racism being harbored by the former president and then-presidential candidate.

“To say the truth, Bill Clinton is a rapist. And there is a lot of fact to prove it,” the two say in one video, before adding that the Clintons are “serial killers and they are going to rape the whole nation.”

The pair promoted a shirt labeling Bill Clinton as a rapist in an October 2016 video entitled, “A word of truth about a rapist’s wife.” A purported personal account of Kalvin Johnson’s is still active on Facebook, however that account hasn’t posted since a 2015 story link calling for Clinton to be sent to prison for attempting to censor New York’s Laugh Factory comedy club.

The Daily Beast suggests that this Russian government-backed operation was similar to past Kremlin attempts to impersonate a California-based “United Muslims of America” group, which they first reported in September. Except this campaign involving Williams and Kalvin didn’t just rely on mass-produced memes and hashtags.

“We, the black people, we stand in one unity,” one of the men said in a video posted to YouTube last November. “We stand in one to say that Hillary Clinton is not our candidate.”

Their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts contain no interaction and have simply blasted out a steady stream of pro-Trump, anti-Clinton political commentary. Although their YouTube account had a relatively limited number of followers, their Facebook page had more than 48,000 fans. As the Daily Beast reports, none of Williams or Kalvin’s Facebook friends are actually from Atlanta, where they claim to live in numerous videos and Facebook posts.

Instead, both Williams and Kalvin claim their hometown is Owerri in Nigeria.

Facebook and Twitter both declined to comment about the duo’s dubious accounts and why both were pulled and suspended from each social media outlet this past August. Google, which owns YouTube declined to answer specific questions regarding Williams and Kalvin’s account, but issued the following statement.

“All videos uploaded to YouTube must comply with our Community Guidelines and we routinely remove videos flagged by our community that violate those policies. We also terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly violate our Guidelines or Terms of Service,” Google spokesperson Andrea Faville told The Daily Beast.

Last week, Facebook estimated that more than 10 million U.S. users were reached by the Russian propaganda that flooded the social media giant during the election.