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Whatever happened to Windows 9? No one is entirely sure, but Microsoft's latest free preview of Windows 10 shows the software giant is not messing around when it comes to their desktop offering. Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft released the third update to its Windows 10 technical preview on Wednesday -- the free trial version of its yet-to-be-released operating system. The update includes several new features and addresses a number of complaints brought up by users in the Windows Feedback app.

One of the coolest additions for trackpad users is a series of three-finger touchpad gestures, much like those found in OS X. Three-finger swipe down to minimize all windows, and an upward gesture to bring them back. The same gesture to the right or left switches apps, much like Mission Control on the Mac. The latest Windows 10 beta also brings Task View, a new feature that looks like Apple’s Mission Control feature.

Catching up to Apple might appear to be a trend, but Microsoft also has plenty of new tricks up its sleeves.

They include changes to File Explorer, allowing users to pin folders to Home. Snap Assist also works now with multiple monitor setups, and Modern apps’ notifications are now regular, floating windows. Icons are getting an overhaul as well, to make Windows 10 easier on the eyes.

The one change that has larger implications for Microsoft’s golden goose -- the enterprise -- is its work on OneDrive. The cloud-based storage service is now implemented with Windows 10, offering a choice between having all of your files in the cloud or just the ones you choose, much like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Microsoft has also built support for the popular MKV video file into the platform, allowing them to play on Windows Media Center and also wirelessly with DLNA as well.

Members of the Windows 10 Technical Preview program can upgrade by visiting Settings > Update and Recovery > Preview Builds.