Microsoft is reportedly working on Windows Lite OS to rival with Google’s Chrome OS. It is speculated that the company may announce it at the Build developer conference in spring this year. A mockup showing the Windows Lite OS UI has appeared today to reveal what to expect from its design.

According to Petri, the mockup of Windows Lite OS is identical to its current iteration. The new OS is said to arrive with a refreshed UI, but it will offer the same out-of-box experience as the Windows 10.

The publication has claimed that Windows Lite OS will be targeted towards entry-level devices as well as heavy users. It appears that the company has opted the Lite name because it wants to categorize its consumers as lite and heavy users. The Redmond-giant could be expecting that Lite users will opt for Lite OS whereas the heavy users will be using devices running on Windows 10.

Microsoft may bring support for Win32 apps on the Lite OS later, but its existing edition is designed to only work with UWP and PWA apps. Since it is expected to deliver a lighter yet similar experience as Windows 10, it will be arriving with file system, File Explorer and Settings.

The Windows 10 Lite OS will be available on Microsoft’s some of the rumored forthcoming devices such as Pegasus and Centaurus. The new Lite OS platform currently supports both Intel and ARM chipsets. The iOS and Chrome OS have simpler UI for low powered devices. Currently, Apple and Google are working on adding complex features on their operating system that come with user-friendly UI. At the same time, Microsoft is stripping Windows to make it as simple s possible.

According to MS Power User, the Redmond-based company is aggressively working on Windows Lite OS to reveal it in May and to begin its testing in summer. The company’s previous attempts such as Windows RT and Windows 10 S for providing users with lightweight OS had met with poor reception. It remains to be seen whether the Lite OS will be received well by the audience.

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