The mother of a young woman who was missing in the Alabama woods for almost a month denounced accusations that her daughter was on drugs during the ordeal. Joanne Theris said the suggestion that her daughter was on methamphetamines when she got lost had no basis in truth.

“That is fabricated gossip and every day there’s something new,” she told Radar Online Wednesday. “There’s a bunch of stuff flying around and it gets crazier and crazier.”

Lisa Theris, 25, was found naked and alone on the side of an Alabama road earlier this month, underweight and covered in bug bites with no recollection of how she got there. Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers told reporters she may have been on drugs at the time — a possible explanation for why she wandered in circles in the forest despite being close to the road.

“Me, personally, I think she was on meth,” Rodgers told the Daily Mail Wednesday. “She was hallucinating and she just got lost in the woods. She was probably so under the influence of drugs that she stripped her clothes off. She was in such a strange place, she came to and she didn’t know where she was. I don’t know how much drugs she took but I believe she was in there the whole time.”

Rodgers cited conflicting accounts from the two men who were last seen with Theris. Manly Davis, 31, told police Theris ran away, while Randy Oswald, 36, said they shot her and dumped her body in a creek.

“They were so geeked out that they started blaming each other for a murder that didn’t happen,” Rodgers said. “They were as relieved as we were when she walked out of those woods. They were thinking that they killed her.”

Theris’ father suggested at one point that she may have been drugged. The Bullock County Sherriff’s Department said it had not yet determined whether Theris was on drugs during the ordeal. Her mother told Radar Online she hadn’t even heard of such allegations until reporters mentioned them.

“This is the first time I’m hearing about this,” she said. “I did not know that was being said until you told me.”

When Theris was initially found, parts of her story were scrutinized. Police said there was “more to” the story, sparking rumors and speculation. Members of her family criticized the public for such conjecture.

“Being in disbelief is one thing, as this story is crazy and all the details haven’t yet emerged,” her brother, Will Theris, told the Troy Messenger last week. “But to not only throw out ignorant opinions as fact but even crack jokes about someone in Lisa’s condition? Pure evil.”

Theris emerged from the woods having lost 40 pounds — her body covered in bug bites. The radiology student told police she subsisted off wild berries and muddy water and sheltered beneath a tree at night. Thoughts of her family prevented her from giving up, Theris said.

“We are just thrilled and very happy to have her home,” her mother said. “She’s doing great.”