• Neiru introduces Ai and the others to a girl
  • The girls want to fulfill her last wish
  • "Wonder Egg Priority" Episode 9 is airing Tuesday

After a refresher episode, the anime is ready to move ahead with the story as Ai, Rika, and Momoe meet someone close to Neiru in "Wonder Egg Priority" Episode 9. The upcoming episode is titled "A Story No One Knows."

The official website released the spoilers stills and synopsis for "Wonder Egg Priority" Episode 9. Ai and her friends decide to meet Neiru, who lives with a girl. At her residence, Neiru introduces Ai, Rika, and Momoe to someone named Kotobuki Awano. After an experiment, Awano remains in a deep sleep state. One of the spoiler photos shows Awano inside a futuristic sleeping chamber.

Neiru is worried about Awano and is unable to accept her current condition. She learns that Awano appears from a Wonder Egg. Neiru, Ai, Rika, and Momoe have their differences over the final wish Awano entrusted to her friend.

In the previous episode, the viewers learn again about the four charming girls exploring their lives and the Egg World. It is a world only people who have broken an Egg can connect to.

Moreover, the world is heavily influenced by the personal mental landscape. Also, certain conditions allow a user to share the world with other people.

"This is the story of Ai, an introverted girl whose fate is forever changed when she acquires a mysterious “Wonder Egg” from a deserted arcade. That night, her dreams blend into reality, and as other girls obtain their own Wonder Eggs, Ai discovers new friends—and the magic within herself," the series synopsis read, Funimation reported.

The cast of "Wonder Egg Priority" anime includes Kanata Aikawa as Ai Oto, Hinaki Yano as Momoe Sawaki, Shuka Saito as Rika Kawai, Tomori Kusunoki as Neiru Aonuma, Azusa Tadokoro as Koito Nagase, Hiroki Takahashi as Ura-Aka, Masatamo Nakazawa as Shuuichirou Sawaki, Yuya Uchida as Aka, Satomi Satou as Minami Suzuhara, Rui Tanabe as Mako and Marina Inoue as Miko.

Fans can watch "Wonder Egg Priority" Episode 9 online on Funimation. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles. The installment is scheduled to air Tuesday, 10 a.m. ET.

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