• "World War Z: Aftermath" features a slew of new content
  • Highlights include first-person mode and a revamped melee system
  • "Aftermath" counts as a new game release and must be bought separately

Saber Interactive’s four-player zombie shooter “World War Z” is getting an improved edition soon called “Aftermath,” featuring tons of new content for fans who can’t get enough of the game’s impossibly large zombie swarms.

“Aftermath” is marketed as “the next evolution” of the original game, bringing with it some significant changes along with hefty new additions that will round-up the game’s over-arching story.

Here’s what players can expect from “World War Z: Aftermath” once it releases later this year.

Two New Campaigns

The game is getting two new campaigns: Rome and Kamchatka. A new squad of four characters will be representing the players in the mission to take back the Vatican from the undead hordes, while the original Russian crew will be the ones responsible for finding and saving a missing nuclear submarine in the frigid peninsula of Kamchatka.

The new Horde Mode XL is also coming for players who want even more zombies on their screens.

First-Person View

“World War Z” is officially getting a first-person mode, putting players even closer to the action. However, judging by the recently released gameplay trailer, melee swings will automatically return the camera back to the classic over-the-shoulder perspective. This would make sense as the game’s melee system is also getting a slight rework.

Revamped Melee

“Aftermath” is introducing a new melee system that aims to add a bit more variety to hand-to-hand combat. Instead of locking players with essentially one type of melee weapon, “Aftermath” is adding dual-wielded weapons and two-handed melee weapons.

Each weapon type fulfills a certain niche and has unique movesets that complement its intended role.

The Vanguard Class

Designed as a frontline tank, the Vanguard class can charge headlong into a zombie horde, ramming into them with the class-specific Electric Shield. This class specializes more in close-range fighting and has the option to spawn with a shotgun.

New Enemy – Rat Swarm

Swarms of carnivorous rats are being added to the game as a new enemy type. Players must take them down with precision shots or crowd-control weapons like explosives and flamethrowers or risk getting eaten alive.

Daily Challenges

The devs are introducing a new daily challenge system to give players something new to look forward to every day, increasing the game’s already impressive replayability.

“World War Z: Aftermath” counts as a different game from the original version and must be bought separately. Fans who own the original game will have a 50% discount on “Aftermath’s” price, while new players will get access to all of the game’s new features as well as all DLC content from the Game of the Year edition.

World War Z Aftermath introduces a new group of characters who must retake the Vatican from the ravenous undead hordes
World War Z Aftermath introduces a new group of characters who must retake the Vatican from the ravenous undead hordes Saber Interactive