Whether you're a spirit connoisseur or just a novice drinker, World Whiskey Day does not discriminate! On the 15th of May this year, we are all free to celebrate World Whiskey Day to commemorate its history and legacy. Although there are various activities for you to do, taste-testing fine whiskey with your friends is a must-try. Treat yourself and your loved ones with a luxurious sip of these well-made whiskeys from Flaviar and Spirit Hub that we have listed for you. 

1. Highwest: Campfire Whiskey 

1 Highwest campfire whiskey Photo: flaviar.com

A blended whiskey from Utah, USA; Highwest: Campfire Whiskey offers you golden amber goodness. This whiskey gives you the aromatic scent of honey, rye, leather, tobacco, pine resin and a whiff of peat smoke that will surely uplift your spirit. Right of the bat, you can taste the rye and bourbon influence while the honey, smoke and blueberries come after, finishing with a sweet, long-lasting smokey taste. 

2. Laphroaig: Triple Wood 

2 Laphroaig Triple Wood Photo: flaviar.com

If you're looking for a sweet-scented aroma with a spicy finish, Laphroaig: Triple Wood is the whiskey for you. Concocted in the island of Islay in Scotland, this whiskey gives you marine-like, oyster shells, iodine scent with a light hint of sherry when you smell it. As for the taste, the vanilla exotic spices with peat reek and citrus fruits will give you the right kick. With a whopping score of 8.1/10 on reviews, this spirit will surely deliver. 

3. Jameson: 18 year old Triple Distilled 

3 Jameson 18 year old triple distilled Photo: flaviar.com

For spirit connoisseurs out there, the Jameson: 18 year old Triple Distilled is absolutely quintessential. From the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, one of the most famous Irish whiskeys in the country, this whiskey offers you the strong fragrance of aromatic oils, orange, apricot, dried fruits and a touch of wood and toffee in an instant, finishing the experience with a firm and spicy taste. 

4. Caol Ila: Distillers Edition

4 Caol Ila distillers edition Photo: flaviar.com

Another excellent concoction from the island of Islay in Scotland, the Caol Ila: Distillers Edition offers you classic 12-year-old misty-island goodness, finely aged in Muscatel casks. Upon opening the bottle, you can immediately smell the intense and beautiful scent of peaty with medicinal notes that evolve into rich fruits and spices. Alongside that, the sweet and malty palate brings a wave of peaty smoke and crisp flavors of cinnamon and spices with a long, rounded and complex finish.

5. The Speyside of the Moon 

5 The speyside of the moon tasting box Photo: flaviar.com

If you're looking for a wide variety of whiskeys to try, you can get The Speyside of the Moon tasting box that includes three single-malt spirits from Scotland: Tamadhu, Benromach and Singleton. The three offers a diverse range of tastes from spicy, smokey and sweet, to fruity with a hint of citrus, respectfully. 

6. Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

6 Ridgeline vermont whiskey Photo: spirithub.com

Having a hard time choosing between bourbon and Irish whiskey? Get the best of both worlds with the Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey! It is fragranced with crisp autumn fruits, flavors of dried fruit, mint and notes of vanilla to stimulate your sense of smell to maximize your sense of taste. For only $49.00, you get topnotch quality whiskey aged in old bourbon barrels, new American oak barrels and the classic port wine barrels from Vermont.

7. Blind Tiger Rye Whiskey 

7 Blind Tiger Rye Whiskey Photo: spirithub.com

If you have a sweet tooth, the Blind Tiger Rye Whiskey will satisfy your cravings. With a variety of beautifully light fruit and sweet buttery toffee tones, you'll get to enjoy a jampacked magic show in one bottle. It mixes things up with warming whispers of spice that ensure long and smooth notes. Immerse yourself in Chicago culture with a bottle.

8. Del Bac Dorado 

8 Del Bac Dorado Photo: spirithub.com

Looking for the perfect drink to lay back and chill while barbequing? The Del Bac Dorado was made to fit that vibe. It is the mirror image of the wonderful Sonoran Desert and originated from the beautiful state of Arizona. Partner it with the award-winning combination of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate and sweet toffee, then you get perfection in a bottle for only $60.00.

9. Bad Dog Distillery Whiskey

9 Bad Dog Distillery Whiskey Photo: spirithub.com

From the ever-so lively state of Washington is Bad Dog Distillery Whiskey. This whiskey has been part of many generational traditions. It is made with corn mash aged with medium-roasted American oak. This results in a sweet touch of caramel and an aromatic finish. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, straight up or even in a cocktail. For only $37.00, indulge yourself with the taste of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel with a smooth and sweet finish.

10. Aged Rye Whiskey

10 Aged Rye Whiskey Photo: spirithub.com

A drink with a rich legacy and a lot of flavors, that’s the Aged Rye Whiskey from the state of Pennsylvania. This is made from rye, corn and malted barley coming from local farmers and not your typical peppery rye. With a balanced taste of sweetness and noted pepper and nuttiness, you get a fine, smooth finish. Whiff hints of honeysuckle and toasted caramel while enjoying butterscotch and caramel tastes with the Aged Rye Whiskey.