Search through the Apple App Store and you may find an app called BarMax CA listed with an outstanding price tag of $999.99. The BarMax CA and NY app works on both the iPhone and iPad, allowing law students to study for bar exams. The app includes videos that were co developed with Harvard lawyers that includes lectures, flashcards, over a thousand MBE practice questions, a task list feature, and calendar.

Surprisingly, there are a couple other apps with the same price tag. The Alchemist SMS and Intuition Control Solo WolfVision are also listed at $999.99. The Alchemist SMS is geared toward steel makers and the recycling industrialists in providing a tool for calculating costs for raw materials. The WolfVIsion Control app introduces a new technology that allows control over WolfVision visualizers, which are high end projectors, through the iPad.

Other apps in triple digits include a $350 Mobile Cam Viewer, allowing users to view multiple security cameras or a $299 app that prepares you for a career as a CPA through flashcards.