Quasi Modo
Quasi Modo, whom the owner claims has a back too short for its body, walks on the stage at The World's Ugliest Dog Competition in Petaluma, California on June 20, 2014. Getty Images/Josh Edelson/AFP

Quasi Modo, a 10-year-old mutt, was crowned this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog. The contest was held Friday night at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California.

The pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix -- whose spinal birth defect left him a little hunchbacked -- and his owner reportedly received $1,500 prize at the contest, which is in its 27th year.

"My appearance can be a little unsettling to some (I have had grown men jump on top of their cars to get away from me because they thought I was a hyena or Tasmanian devil) but once they get to know me I win them over with my bubbly personality," Quasi Modo’s biography said, according to the contest’s website.

Quasi Modo_1
Quasi Modo the winner of The World's Ugliest Dog Competition. Getty Images/Josh Edelson/AFP

Quasi Modo was abandoned at an animal shelter because of his “strange looks” and was later adopted by a veterinarian in Loxahatchee, Florida, according to his biography.

Twenty-four dogs, including Quasi Modo, participated in the contest and the winner was decided by a three-judge panel. The dogs are scored on their imperfections, and several categories, including natural ugliness or unusual attributes.

Sweepee Rambo and Frodo -- two Chinese crested Chihuahua mixes -- took the second and the third prizes in the contest, respectively.

World's Ugliest Dog_1
A Chinese Crested is presented to judges during the World's Ugliest Dog Competition in Petaluma, California on June 26, 2015. Getty Images/Josh Edelson/AFP