Take Your Dog to Work Day, the official day when pups are often welcomed into the workplace, is set for Friday, June 26. The holiday, a treat for dog-lovers nationwide, is a holiday created by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to celebrate canines and promote the adoption of dogs.

If you're a dog owner and looking for more information about the holiday, check out the list below that outlines information about the holiday and facts to help convince your boss to allow your pup into the office on Friday.

2015 Is The Holiday's 17th Year

Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999. Pet Sitters International started it to encourage employers to "experience the joy of pets in the workplace," according to the organization.

The Date Is Determined By Father's Day

The holiday is always the Friday after Father's Day, and the week running up to the date is "Take Your Dog to Work Week."

Many People Already Take Pets To Work Regularly

The American Pet Products Association found in a 2008 poll that 17 percent of adult workers reported their company permits pets in the workplace, according to Pet Sitters International. Workers surveyed in 2012 said they brought their dogs with them to work 22 times that year, according to a new American Pet Products Association poll.

Bring A Leash

Pet Sitters International suggested it's best to keep dogs leashed when they're not contained in a cubicle or office. The organization also suggested using a baby gate for containment and designating areas -- such as the dining hall or bathroom -- as dog free.

Prep Your Pup

Make sure your dog is ready to be brought into a workplace. Give your pup a bath, make sure shots are up to date and consider if your dog has the correct temperament for being around so many people. Bring treats as encouragement and have food ready while considering when during the workday is best for mealtime.

Dogs Can Be Good For Your Health At Work

Having your dog at work isn't just fun, it's better for you. Multiple studies have suggested that allowing pets in the workplace reduces stress, according to Inc magazine. A study from Virginia Commonwealth University suggested that dogs not only reduced stress in a workplace but also spurred new interactions among employees.

A Dog-Filled Workplace Is A Happier Workplace

Fifty-five million Americans believe having pets in the workplace leads to more creativity and 37 million Americans believe it improves manager-employee relationships, a 2006 American Pet Products Association poll found, according to Pet Sitters International.