One of the most important aspects of posting anything online, may it be for bloggers, copywriters or content creators, is ensuring that you’re uploading high-quality content with no spelling and grammar mistakes. This way, you can increase your audience and retain your existing ones.

If you’re posting numerous content online every day, you may end up committing a mistake every now and then, as even the smallest ones don't always go unnoticed.

Now, there is an efficient and reliable software that can assist you, so you save time on correcting mistakes, spend more time doing what you do best which is creating content.

An artificial intelligence (AI) writing software provides features that detect spelling mistakes, grammar errors and even create full-length content for you. The editing process is easy, as you don't need to spend long hours double-checking your content before posting it.

If you’re in need of an AI writing assistant to boost your creativity and improve the quality of your content, you should check out Writecream. It has all the advanced features you’ll need that doesn't just improve your content, but also creates them. This is said to be the best tool for marketing agencies, small businesses, start-ups and enterprises.

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What is Writecream?

Writecream is the “secret weapon” for SEO content, sales and marketing. It is an AI-powered marketing software which uses an advanced machine to create personalized introductions, social media content, YouTube videos, podcast voice overs, product descriptions and many more. It’s also easy to use, so you won’t have trouble exploring its different features.

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Writecream Features

1. A.I Article Writer

You can now create blog articles or scripts in less than 30 minutes even if it’s 1,000 words and up. This A.I article writer can provide long-form content that is plagiarism-free, grammatically correct and innovative.

2. Facebook and Google Ads

When creating ads for your business, you need to ensure its compelling enough to gain attention. This not only increases your sales, but also improve your brand's reputation. With this feature, it can create the appropriate ad copies for your Facebook and Google ads. All you need is enter the name of your company as well as your specialties.

3. Social Media Content

This software goes beyond editing and writing, as it can also give ideas for creating the ideal social media posts to represent your brand. You won’t have to worry about running out of creative and innovative ideas, especially for promotions and sales.

4. Writer’s Block

When you’re writing every single day, you may experience writer’s block and it’s normal. Don’t worry as this feature won’t let you stare at a blank screen for too long. It has the copywriting tools to help you get started. The tools are based on a Before-After-Bridge and Pain-Agitate-Solution. 

5. Cold Emails, LinkedIn, InMails and Backlinks

Consumers despise receiving spam emails as some even ignore them by blocking them from their accounts. This is why it’s a struggle for businesses to send out their content through email. One of the best features that this software offers is personalizing or customizing the introduction of your email to something that’s more attention grabbing. It guarantees an increase in your read rates and conversations.

6. Image and Audio Icebreakers

Instead of just creating write-ups, you can also use images and audio icebreakers, especially if you want more creative and compelling content. You can come up with witty scripts or include aesthetic images that showcase your brand. It claims to increase replies by 300%.

7. YouTube Voice-Over and Podcast

This feature converts any written article into a human-sounding voice over or podcast. All you need to do is input your script and the voice tool will do its trick. You also have the option to edit the audio by including pauses or breathing effects to make it sound more realistic.

8. 75+ Language Compatibility

Writecream believes that language is not a barrier for sharing any content, which is why it has multilingual support that covers 75 languages which can be used for text or audio outputs.

Writecream Pros and Cons

Based on customer reviews, Writecream does focus in providing personalized content that really represents your brand. It also gives quality output, as you don’t need to repeat the process or keep editing your writeups just to be satisfied with the outcome.

This is a must-have toolset as it can help improve your business’ reputation and content.

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Writecream Pricing

When you purchase the software through AppSumo, you can get a lifetime deal for a one-time purchase of only $59. You already have access to 40+ tools and features, a mobile application and Chrome extension, personalized cold emails and LinkedIn outreach, the A.I. article writer, plagiarism checkers, unlimited custom article summaries and many more.

This is such a steal in comparison to purchasing it from their site, as you’ll need to spend at least $69 dollars per month to get most features.