wtf christmas ideas 2014
Celebrate the 2014 holiday season with 17 weird Christmas gift ideas. Reuters

Who needs a white Christmas when you could have a wacky one? Celebrate the 2014 holiday season by giving your family and friends presents so ridiculous, they’ll laugh their way into the New Year. Check out our WTF gift guide below for 17 head-scratching items you could give to your loved ones:

1. Smitten Mittens -- There’s no better way to say “I love you” than by purchasing this winter accessory for that special someone in your life. The Smitten Mitten allows you to hold hands with a friend/significant other when it’s cold outside through a unified glove that both parties can sport at the same time.

Price: $25.00

2. Pong Head Game -- Have a friend who likes to party? Well, this gift is for them! The inflatable beer pong game that sits on your head will make your buddy the life of the party. The game comes with two hats and one ball.

Price: $18.00

3. Giant Carrot Body Pillow -- Your health-obsessed friend will be tickled pink -- or should we say orange? -- when they get a load of this 4-foot-long Christmas present.

Price: $88.00

4. A Unicorn Hat For Your Pet -- Everyone has that friend who is obsessed with a pet. So get them this inflatable horn tO stick on the furry baby’s head. It’ll make for an enchanted gift!

Price: $6

5. Hand Soaps -- Your friend will never forgot to reach for the soap after using the bathroom again with this five-fingered reminder. The oatmeal, milk and honey scented gift contains eight natural vegetable glycerin soaps all shaped like doll hands.

Price: $16.00

6. Bacon Candy -- This gift is perfect for the meat-lover in your life who also has a sweet tooth. The sugary, bacon-flavored treat will sizzle in your friend’s mouth on Christmas day and leave an aftertaste of appreciation.

Price: $4.00

7. Saint Hannah -- It’s Christmas Day, baby, and I’m alive! Your friend will love this “Girls”-themed candle -- especially with Season 4 of the HBO series right around the corner.

Price: $16.00

8. Monster Slippers -- You and your pals can wreak havoc among the life-size nativity on your front lawn with these crochet-patterned monster slippers.

Price: $5.00

9. Blingsting Pepper Spray -- Ease your mind this holiday season by giving a loved one the gift of protection. This pink, rhinestone encrusted pepper spray is attached to a handy key chain clip so your friend can stay safe everywhere they go.

Price: $22.00

10. “Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook” -- If you’re looking to make someone salivate this Christmas, then F.L. Fowler’s satire is the ideal present to wrap up!

Price: $9.99 with a Kindle, $12.12 for a hardcover

11. Weird Baby Earrings -- This odd accessory will make anyone with pierced ears cringe.

Price: $10.00

12. Upcycled Altered Doll Assemblage -- This recycled gem will make your eco-friendly buddies light up this Christmas. Price: $60.00

13. Bacon and Eggs Scarf -- This comfy, crocheted knit is perfect for your foodie friend during the colder months.

Price: $80.24

14. Lobster Claws -- Your friend will look cute enough to pinch when they sport your lobster claw present. The claws are made from soft and squishy latex, making any crustacean transformation as comfortable as possible.

Price: $35.00

15. Doge Snowglobe -- Celebrate the snowy season with this meme-inspired Doge snowglobe. Your friend will howl with gratitude for the present.

Price: $16.00

16. Wine Glass Holder -- This gift is perfect for the friend who never is seen without a glass of wine in hand. Now your buddy can remain hands-free with this clever wine glass holder necklace set!

Price: $9.95

17. Mushroom Farm -- Give your friend with a green-thumb an opportunity to grow their own mushrooms with the Back to the Roots Mushroom Garden. It allows you to grow up to 1 1/2 pounds of fresh, organic oyster mushrooms in less than 10 days!

Price: $19.99

What weird gift are you giving your friends and family this Christmas? Sound off in the comments section below!