Seth Rollins Samoa Joe WWE
Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe, pictured at Zenith Arena on May 09, 2017 in Lille, France, fought in the main event of WWE Extreme Rules 2017. Getty Images

It took two months, but Brock Lesnar finally has a challenger for his WWE Universal Championship. Samoa Joe defeated four of the biggest names on “Monday Night Raw” at WWE Extreme Rules 2017, earning a match for the show’s No.1 belt.

Joe’s victory highlights the results of Extreme Rules, which featured two title changes. Below is a recap and a video for every match on the card.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe (Extreme Rules Fatal-5-Way Universal Title No. 1 Contender’s Match)

Five months into 2017, few matches on the WWE main roster have been better than the Extreme Rules main event. Each wrestler came away from the match looking strong, even though it was only Samoa Joe that got the pinfall. Joe was dominant throughout, teaming with Bray to punish the other competitors before the two heels turned on each other. After 30 minutes of action, which saw Reigns spear Joe and Balor through a barricade and Rollins put Bray through the announcers’ table with a flying elbow, it looked like the first-ever WWE Universal Champion might get the win. Balor connected with a Coup de Grace against Reigns, but Joe slid into the ring and put him in the Coquina Clutch, forcing Balor to pass out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (if Ambrose is disqualified, he will lose the Intercontinental Title)

The Miz did all that he could to get Ambrose disqualified, and while the match was never prematurely stopped, his tactics helped him win the IC Title for the seventh time. After Maryse was ejected from ringside for trying to DQ Ambrose, The Miz sent the champ into the distracted referee. As Ambrose pleaded with the ref not to end the match, The Miz was able to hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (Kendo Stick on a Pole Match)

As expected, Bliss retained her title, defeating Bayley for the second time in as many pay-per-views. Bayley was able to knock the kendo stick off the pole, but the champ was the one that actually used the weapon. Bayley has lost a lot of steam since she beat Charlotte Flair for the title, and she could be out of the championship picture for the near future.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus (Steel Cage Match)

Cesaro and Sheamus finally defeated The Hardy Boyz, climbing over the top of the cage just before Matt Hardy could drag Jeff Hardy out of the cage door. The new champs took advantage of Jeff escaping the cage first, which allowed them to target Matt before Jeff could return and help his brother. It might be the first seeds of an eventual split between the brothers.

Winner: Cesaro & Sheamus

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Austin Aries (Submission Match)

For the first time in their three title matches, Neville was able to beat Aries clean. The challenger did get the champ to tap out, though he did so outside of the ring, where he wasn’t allowed to get the victory. That allowed Neville to eventually land a Red Arrow onto Aries’ back and apply the Ring of Saturn for the win.

Winner: Neville

Rich Swann & Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox (Mixed Tag Team Match)

Swann pinned Dar for the win in a meaningless match. Hopefully, Sasha finds herself back in the Raw Women’s Championship picture before too long.

Winner: Rich Swann & Sasha Banks

Apollo Crews vs. Kalisto (Kickoff Match)

With Titus O’Neill unintentionally distracting Crews at ringside, Kalisto was able to hit the Salida del Sol for the win. It’s unclear exactly where WWE is going with the Crew-Titus storyline, though they could be heading for a PPV match against one another in the future.

Winner: Kalisto