This Sunday’s TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs event will be the first WWE pay-per-view to not feature WWE Champion CM Punk in the last two years. In lieu of of the Title match between CM Punk and Ryback, fans will see CM Punks former rival team up with Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan to face off against the Shield in a pinfall or submission Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (Pinfall or Submission)

Ryback, Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

This six-man match is the first of its kind, being decided by pinfall or submission, rather than retrieving and object hanging above the ring. Essentially, the bout has boiled down to a hardcore match with restrictions on the weapons available, but the wrestlers involved are enough to make up for it.

Team Hell No has been a hugely successful unit in the tag division, and both men have spent time in the main event. Add Ryback to their side, and you have three of the biggest draws WWE has to offer.

This will also be the first time Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will compete in a match on WWE television. The three NXT stars labeled as The Shield have a lot of hype behind them and need to steal the show in order to solidify themselves as a legitimate stable.

Prediction: The Shield Wins

The Shield has to win this fight to keep their image. So far, they’ve been running into matches and causing mayhem, but if they lose their first sanctioned fight, they won’t be taken seriously.

This will be the third consecutive pay-per-view loss for the rising star Ryback. Fortunately, for the rookie powerhouse, he doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the fight.

If Kane or Daniel Bryan are pinned, it will also open up a potential storyline of the dysfunctional tag team losing their titles. The two could bicker over whose fault the loss was, leading to an even more tense relationship and a title loss to whoever wins the number one contenders match for the bronze belts earlier in the night.

Money In the Bank Ladder Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

The Showoff facing the Cenation Leader might be the next best thing to Cena facing Punk. As far as heel mic work goes, Ziggler is second only to the WWE Champion, and Cena is the best babyface in regard to talking skills.

That and the two performers’ cohesive styles will make for an outstanding ladder match. This will also help Ziggler stand out as a top contender in the company.

Prediction: Ziggler Retains His Money In the Bank Contract

Dolph Ziggler needs to keep a hold on his Money in the Bank contract, and John Cena needs a more definitive way back into the main event. FI the Showoff loses his momentum will be hauled, and he could be stuck in the midcard forever.

Cena winning wouldn’t have as much of a negative result on the 10-time WWE Champion’s legitimacy, but it would be anticlimactic. He already tried the Money in the Bank contract match and was the first man in history to lose it; plus after over a year out of the title picture he needs a more dramatic return than winning Money in the Bank so long after the actual match took place.

World heavyweight Championship Chairs Match

Sheamus vs. Big Show

Chairs matches are the most ludicrous matches that appear at the annual TLC pay-per-view. It’s only a singles match where chairs are legal, so a no disqualification match The Celtic Warrior and The World’s Largest Athlete have proven that they can put on a brutal show, so hopefully that can make up for the idiotic stipulation.

Prediciton: Sheamus Wins

Big Show is one of WWE’s longest running competitors, but he has never spent much time on the top. With the way Sheamus was billed all year, odds are Show has been a transitional champion to make the Great White look even more unbeatable.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston are top level talent that both appear to be having trouble sticking with the crowd. The two men have both been pushed to the main event in the past, but reside comfortably in the upper-midcard, making them a perfect match for the Intercontinental Title.

Prediction: Barrett Wins

WWE has been pushing for Barrett to make in impact since his return with the new, fight club style gimmick. The Bareknuckle Brawler needs to become a champion again to make his mark, and WWE would be foolish not to give him the strap.

United States Championship Match

R-Truth vs. Antonio Cesasro

R-Truth has been in the wrestling industry for a long time, and his chance to be a top competitor is over. On the other hand, Antonio Cesaro is new to the big leagues of pro wrestling and has all the potential in the world to be a huge star in the future.

Prediction: Cesaro Wins

Winning the US Title wouldn’t push him to the main event, but Truth’s time as a big name is past. His gimmick is getting old, and Cesaro is just getting started.

No. 1 Contenders Match For Tag Team Championships

Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

The budding tag team division has resumed its pace now since Cody Rhodes returned from being sidelined. Now, the second generation star and his tag team partner Damien Sandow will face off against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to see who will face Team Hell No for the bronze belts.

Prediction: Rhodes Scholars Win

Based on how Rhodes Scholars performed before Cody’s injury, the intellectual duo will win. Mysterio and Cara could take the victory to build to their potential WrestleMania XXIX match, but that is speculation, and Cara hasn’t broken away from his move botching just yet.

Pre-Show Divas Battle Royal

WWE is taking time to demean the women on their roster with the Santa’s Helper battle Royal. The Divas will dress in Christmas outfit and fight for a Title shot against Champion Eve Torres.

Prediction: Kaitlyn Wins

Katilyn and Eve had an excellent women’s match at Survivor Series in November, and officials would be unwise not to follow that up. This is the WWE Divas division, though, so a misstep like that is possible.