As “The X Factor” continued to showcase its judge’s home visits on Thursday night, fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their distaste for contestant Tara Simon.

The 27-year-old vocal coach is in L.A. Reid’s Over 25 category that superstar Justin Bieber is helping judge for the episode.

While some would admit that Simon has a decent voice, almost no one is taken with her personality. Some would even say that she is borderline obnoxious.

The unlikable talent beat out fan favorites like Panda and Jeffrey Adam Gutt to be a part of the Over 25 category. It’s no wonder that Reid wasn’t pleased with his talent pool when such contestants were left out.

As Simon appeared on the show, Twitter users voiced their opinion about the hopeful singer:

“Tara Simon and Cece Frey both need to leave. I can't stand either of them and they both think they are better than everyone.. #xfactor,” @obeynialler wrote.

“I'm hoping that they send Tara Simon home.. #xFactorUSA,” tweeted @BeMyxKryptonite.

“tara simon GTFO. sorry not sorry,” 1DBieberTweets posted.

“Gosh, I hope that Tara Simon gets sent home. I can't stand her!! #xfactor,” @britworley shared.

“Tara Simon should jut jump of the edge of la Reid's house right now,” @IAmPaulAndraous wrote.

“i really dont like Tara Simon she sabotaged Jennel Garcia performance for boot camp,” thought @rosado_ingrid.

When other contestants were auditioning, Simon was shown badmouthing other contestants, especially KISS superstar Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie.

Viewers dislike for the contestant grew when she tried to upstage fellow “X Factor” hopeful Jennel Garcia by picking a song that didn’t showcase Garcia’s talent at all.

Simon wore a tight dress during the judge’s home auditions to try and help impress Reid and Justin Bieber, but do you think it was enough to get her into the final 16?