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Will the next Xbox be called the 'Xbox Infinity?' Fionna Agomuoh

News of a Microsoft event scheduled for May 21, which is expected to introduce the company's next-generation Xbox console, has promptly been followed by rumors saying the device will be called the “Xbox Infinity.”

The Redmond, Wash.-based company not only sent invitations sent out to the media on Wednesday, but also shared information about the event on its website as well as Facebook and Twitter. The event is scheduled to take place on May 21 at 10 a.m. PDT at the Xbox campus, where Microsoft says "a new generation" will be revealed. Fans everywhere will also be able to watch the event streamed live from Xbox Live and as well as on Spike TV.

Shortly after Microsoft’s announcement, Reddit user C-Ron shared a Web graphic on the social media website that looks similar to the invitation that Microsoft sent out for its event. The graphic shows the Xbox logo next to a green infinity sign. It also reads, “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities,” and ends with the hashtag #XboxInfinity.

“Saved you guys a month of waiting. Thank me whenever,” C-Ron said.

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Reddit user C-Ron shared this image Wednesday Reddit

From this leak, we may have learned that the actual name of the next Xbox console is “Xbox Infinity.” It's well known that developers have codenamed the device “Durango,” but enthusiasts and commentators alike have taken to calling the device the “Xbox 720,” considering it a logical name to follow the Xbox 360.

While most remain certain that it will be called the Xbox 720, the actual name of the device has largely remained a mystery. Even so, this isn't the first time the name “Xbox Infinity” has been proposed or even leaked. In July, news that Microsoft had obtained the Web domains, and, among several others, had many considering alternative names for the next Xbox console, which at that time was already being referred to as the Xbox 720. We even proposed the name “Xbox Infinite,” noting that the “8” in the Xbox 8 domain names may not be an eight at all but rather an upright infinity sign.

A logo suggesting the name “Xbox Infinity” was also leaked in February, just one day before Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4. Similar to the current leak, this image shows the word Xbox next to a green infinity sign. The only difference is “Xbox” in the older image is all lower case letters, while “Xbox” in the more recently leaked image is all uppercase letters. This leak, however, appears to have not been heavily recognized.

If you’d like to get into logistics, we’ve also considered that the current leak could be a fake. Perhaps someone learned of this old leak and doctored an image to mimic the look of the invitation sent out by Microsoft. We note that the “B” in Microsoft’s invitation is different than the one in the leaked image --- though the image is incredibly well made and also uses an Xbox hashtag in a similar fashion as the invitation as well as the green infinity sign from the previous leak.

Regardless, it's interesting to have another name to consider for the next Xbox console, especially when you note that fans once thought the Nintendo Gamecube would be called the Nintendo 128.