• Games With Gold for June 2021 features “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and “Neo Geo Battle Coliseum”
  • The lineup also includes “The King’s Bird” and “Shadows: Awakening”
  • Xbox has been offering good games since last month despite the age of the titles involved

Xbox has revealed the newest free games lineup for June 2021’s Games With Gold, and fans are pleased. Games With Gold has been in a tough spot in terms of audience reception these past few months due to its lackluster game offers, but Xbox has been steadily providing fans with better titles over time.

For June 2021, the free games for Xbox Games With Gold are “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “Neo Geo Battle Coliseum,” “The King’s Bird” and “Shadows: Awakening.”

Xbox users have been lamenting how bad the free Games With Gold titles were compared to PlayStation Plus’ free monthly blockbuster games like “Battlefield V” and “Control Ultimate Edition.” Unlike PS Plus, Games With Gold has been offering old or relatively obscure titles.

However, Xbox has recently been picking great games for all subscribers to play, despite the still-apparent age of the titles it has on offer.

“Injustice,” the fighting game based on DC’s comic series of the same name, is known for being one of the best superhero fighting games in recent years. It was released back in 2013 and is succeeded by a sequel, “Injustice 2,” that was launched in 2017.

Bane and Black Adam fighting in Aquaman's throne room in Injustice
Bane and Black Adam fighting in Aquaman's throne room in Injustice NetherRealm

The rest of the games in the lineup are less famous than NetherRealm’s superhero fighting game, but they each have their respective fan followings. “Neo Geo Battle Coliseum” (or simply “NGBC”) has somewhat of a cult following; it was originally released as a game for arcades but has since been ported over to consoles.

Meanwhile, both “Shadows: Awakening” and “The King’s Bird” are games that were released more recently, with both sharing a 2018 launch date.

“Shadows: Awakening” is an isometric single-player RPG with challenging gameplay and an entertaining storyline. On the other hand, “My King’s Bird” is a platformer that focuses on quick and precise movements.

Games With Gold still doesn’t quite compare to PS Plus in terms of free games, but Xbox more than compensates for this with the removal of their subscription requirement for online free-to-play games. Additionally, Game Pass is a great deal for players who want to play the latest games for a small monthly fee.