• Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft's premier video game subscription service
  • Normally priced at $15 per month, it's now being offered for $1
  • Not all Xbox gamers are eligible for the promo

Microsoft is offering a great Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal right now but unfortunately, not every Xbox gamer can grab it.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the premier video game subscription service of Microsoft. It comes with free access to the Xbox Game Pass, through which a player can enjoy hundreds of games for free. Additionally, the subscription service features Xbox Live Gold that offers exclusive Microsoft Store discounts.

Normally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 per month, but there have been deals from Microsoft in which subscribers could get it for the same price with a free one-month trial period.

Now the Redmond-based tech juggernaut offers the premier subscription service for just $1. For a mere pocket change, gamers have one-quarter of the year access to other popular Xbox services, including Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass The new subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, gives players unlimited access to more than 100 titles. Photo: Xbox Wire/Microsoft

Unfortunately, the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription offer is only available to new subscribers. For those who have been previously subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, sadly, this is not a deal that they could take advantage of.

There is no telling how long Microsoft would run this special offer, but those who will subscribe within the promo period will automatically be renewed for $15 per month once the deal ends or when they cancel the service.

Xbox Game pass can be used to enjoy an assortment of titles, including "MLB The Show," "The Medium," "FIFA 21" and all Bethesda games. It also gives players access to a vault of games from big names in the industry, such as Rockstar Games and 343 Industries.

For those who prefer playing games on their desktop, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also comes with Xbox Game Pass for PC. The platform now offers a range of outstanding titles, including "Forza Horizon 4," "Crusader Kings 3," "Nier Automata" and a lot more.

Although Microsoft has mentioned that this $1 deal is only for new subscribers, those who have not been active users in the past three months are also eligible for the promo.

The latest $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal is the best deal gamers could get these days. The three-month subscription to the platform normally costs gamers $45.