• Some gamers are not looking forward to April's Games with Gold lineup
  • The subscription service had featured lackluster games in the past
  • Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda may mean some surprises are in store for Xbox users in the coming months

It’s nearly time for a new batch of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but after a disappointing lineup for March, many players are tempering their expectations for April.

The free games list for the month of March left many gamers feeling sour. The four games included in the subscription were “Warface: Breakout,” “VALA: Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse,” “Metal Slug 3” and “Port Royale 3.” But while these games are decent in their own right, they paled in comparison to PlayStation’s free games for PS Plus, which included “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” and “Remnant: From The Ashes.”

Xbox users are also upset about the lack of X/S series games for Xbox Live Gold, Game Rant noted. Gamers at the r/xboxone subreddit appear to be pessimistic about April’s free games because of the lackluster titles that were included in the previous month.

However, Microsoft may offer good free games for April considering how Sony made big moves on their PS Plus service. PlayStation’s inclusion of “FF7R” may force Xbox to put up some other big titles or some of their own console-exclusive games for free to subscribers.

Bethesda games immediately come to mind as far as big titles are concerned. Microsoft’s billion-dollar acquisition of Bethesda caused quite a buzz in the greater gaming industry because of how the deal might affect PlayStation players in the future.

This may also mean that Bethesda games like “Fallout 4” or “Doom Eternal” might eventually go free via Games with Gold. Neither of these titles is exclusive to Xbox consoles, but they are more than good enough to make users consider a subscription.

Apart from Bethesda titles, there are rumors that Ubisoft will be adding some of its popular games like “Watch Dogs 2” to the Xbox Game Pass, Game Rant reported. This may also pave the way for the upcoming “Rainbow Six Parasite” to find a spot in Xbox’s free games offers in the future.

Xbox can also consider adding the original “Life Is Strange” games or one of the recent “Resident Evil” titles to hype up the release of “True Colors” and “Resident Evil Village.”

With less than a week remaining in March, it will only be a matter of time before the official lineup of free Games with Gold is revealed. In the meantime, players will have to wait for just a little while longer.

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