The Xbox One is currently available for less than its original price on sites like Target and Amazon. Courtesy/Microsoft

Looking to score an Xbox One? Microsoft is quietly dropping the price of its next-gen console. Mega-chains like Wal-mart, Best Buy and Target have all reduced the device’s price tag by $50 – from $499 to $449. This also includes a “Titanfall” and “Forza Motorsport 5” edition.

Interestingly, the price drop isn’t being advertised. If you visit Target’s Web site, the price reduction isn’t visible until you add the Xbox One to your virtual shopping cart.

A screenshot of the Xbox One from Courtesy/Target

On Tuesday, Amazon offered the Xbox One for $399 -- $100 off its original price tag, with the promo code XIAMAZON. The console also came equipped with racer “Forza Motorsport 5.” The device was originally listed at $449, with an extra $50 off when added to the cart with the coupon code entered. The deal ended quickly, but the Xbox One is still available for $479.99. The “Titanfall” bundle is listed for $499.99.

When Polygon contacted Microsoft, the company stated the discount wasn’t indicative of a company-issued price cut, saying it "sets a suggested retail price, but specific pricing and offers vary by retailer."

On March 17, we reported that more gamers seem to be choosing Sony’s PS4 over Microsoft’s Xbox One. Though both consoles launched last November within a week of each other, Sony’s sales continue to climb while Microsoft struggles to catch up.

According to DealNews, a survey revealed that 35 percent of gamers who owned an Xbox 360 and PS3 chose to purchase Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4, while only 23 percent opted for Microsoft’s Xbox One. This poll of 1,727 readers showed that while brand loyalty was certainly a factor for gamers who owned only one console from the previous generation, people who owned both consoles were more likely to choose the PS4. Of the 1,727 participants polled, 44 percent owned both a PS3 and an Xbox 360.

“Frequently with advanced software-driven technology, consumers will feel inclined to remain within the environment they're familiar and comfortable with,” DealNews said on Feb. 24. The site’s statistics show that only 42 percent of Xbox 360 owners chose to buy the Xbox One, while 51 percent of PS3 owners purchased the PS4.

Still, many Xbox 360 players hadn’t purchased any new console yet, citing the $499 price tag as the main reason. Could this be the reason for the price cut? Leave a comment or tweet me!