Xbox One owners who need something to do this weekend are in luck. Microsoft announced that, for this weekend only, all multiplayer games are free regardless of which Xbox Live membership tier players have. Additionally, two major titles from just a few months ago are free for a limited time.

Normally, Xbox Live Gold is required to play games against other people online. This weekend only, Microsoft is lifting that restriction, so anyone can play with their friends for a couple of days.

The original battle royale phenomenon is free for a weekend

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” quickly became a gaming sensation when it first became available in 2017 on PC. Even though it was unfinished and often messy, the core gameplay of 100 players dropping onto an island and scavenging weapons until one was left standing made it popular for both players and streamers.

Until Nov. 11, Xbox One owners can play that version of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” for free. It launched in an unfinished state on Xbox late last year, but finally hit its official release in September.

With this promotion, Microsoft is giving Xbox players an opportunity to see the game that inspired “Fortnite,” “Call of Duty,” and “Battlefield” to include their own battle royale multiplayer modes.

A free weekend with the “​beautiful game”

EA’s popular “FIFA” series is the king of the annual soccer simulation market, but Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer” franchise exists as a solid alternative each year. “PES 2019” joins “Battlegrounds” as this weekend’s other free Xbox One game. It was originally released at the end of August, so Microsoft is essentially giving a brand new game away for free, temporarily.

While “FIFA” generally reviews better, critics had fairly nice things to say about this year’s edition of “Pro Evolution Soccer.” EA snatched the license for the prestigious Champions League this year, meaning “PES 2019” is now lacking one of the most recognizable soccer leagues.

That said, it still has an extensive list of other licensed leagues and teams. Critics also noted that the actual soccer gameplay in “PES 2019” is tough to beat.