Microsoft has partnered again with Taco Bell to give away a special edition Xbox One X bundle. The new Xbox One X bundle will include a customized version of the console and it will feature Taco Bell’s signature “ring” sound every time the console is powered on.

To get the special edition Xbox One X bundle, gamers must purchase Taco Bell’s $5 Chalupa Box between Oct. 18 and Nov. 21. This will grant customers a chance to win the special edition console. Microsoft and Taco Bell will be giving away the special Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition Bundle every 10 minutes while the promotion is ongoing and winners will get their prizes within 72 hours. GameSpot calculates that around 5,000 of these special edition consoles will be given out throughout the promotion period.

“We are excited to partner again with Xbox, but this time on a collaboration that is entirely exclusive to fans of both Xbox and Taco Bell,” Taco Bell global chief brand officer Marisa Thalberg said. “It delights us to delight our fans with unique experiences, and what better way in this case than through the best in ‘boxes.’”

When customers order the Chalupa Box, they will be given an entry code. They will have the option to text that entry code to enter the contest, or enter it online through the contest’s website. Winners will be notified through text message. The rules of the promotion can be viewed here.

The bundle will include the Xbox One X console, which will have a one-of-a-kind platinum gradient color scheme. The “power on” sound of the console will also be replaced with Taco Bell’s famous “ring.” The bundle will also include an Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, as well as three months subscription to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

The first time that Taco Bell and Microsoft partnered was in 2001 when the original Xbox console was launched. The two companies also partnered last for the launch of the Xbox One X. This new partnership may be Microsoft’s way of preparing gamers for the holiday season, which is set to be packed with newly released games.

“This holiday’s games are among the most eagerly awaited in history, and they will play best on Xbox One,” Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for gaming Mike Nichols said. “Partnering with Taco Bell to offer a new custom Xbox One X will give our shared fans the opportunity to experience those games at their highest quality.”

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