Rapper XXXTentacion is finally out of prison and has big plans for 2017. The 19-year-old rapper, real name Jahseh Onfroy, was reportedly released on March 26 but was given probation for charges that include armed home invasion and aggravated battery.

Following his release from jail, the “Look At Me” rapper spoke to the Miami radio station The Beat 103.5 and detailed his plans for the rest of the year. Garnering a huge buzz during his time behind bars, XXXTentacion hopes to capitalize on it by releasing three albums.

“There’s three projects I’m coming out with: ‘17,’ ‘I Need Jesus’ and ‘Revenge’ and then there’s gonna be ‘Members Only Volume 3’ project,” he told his fans. The rapper also pleaded with his fans to be patient with him. “Right now, it’s gonna take quite some time. I’m gonna give you guys one song, and I need you guys to be patient.”

The Florida rapper also spoke about his new group of fans who may be at war with his original fans since his popularity has increased. “Obviously my music is getting a lot, lot, lot bigger and we all know this now,” he said. “With all my attention, to my core fans that don’t like the new fans, remember this is a family.”

XXXTentacion went on to add, “We are supposed to become a huge community, so, you guys can’t get mad at the new fans and want to like be pissed off. Instead of getting mad at them for listening to ‘Look At Me’ because it’s the biggest song guide them towards the rest of the music and show them the really good songs and really put on for me, you know what I’m saying?”

The rapper has previously spoke with XXL about his upcoming albums, describing the sounds of each. “I got this really, really good album called ‘17.’ That’s more of an alternative, R&B sound.  Then I’ve got this mixtape called ‘I Need Jesus,’ which is mainly rap and the underground sound I did.”