Yahoo officially released a handful of new mobile products for iOS and Android users Wednesday, including a new personalized news app and a social TV application that detects what you're watching.

Livestand, which is available as a free download for the iPad, is a personalized living magazine that takes content from Yahoo's global media network and more than 100 third-party publishing partners, including Forbes, ABC News and Source Interlink. Similar to other personalized magazines like Zite and Flipboard, the more you use Livestand, the more personalized it becomes, tailoring its content to your interests over time.

Livestand is built on Yahoo's C.O.R.E. (content optimization relevance engine) technology, and works alongside a new platform from Yahoo called Cocktails, which supports a blend of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other Web-based applications. Cocktails consists of two parts, including Yahoo Manhattan, which uses Yahoo's cloud to distribute apps and content worldwide, and Yahoo Mojito, which automatically packages apps for iOS and Android device formats so developers don't have to write two separate codes. Mojito also offloads some of the time-consuming processing from the iPad to Yahoo's cloud.

Yahoo's social TV app for the iPad, IntoNow, listens to and detects what you're watching on TV, whether it's live or recorded, and displays a list of personalized recommendations and related content. It can provide the user with information about the episode they're watching, or background of the show altogether. The app also allows friends to discuss and share what they're watching with one another.

Yahoo also released a version of its Mail client for the iPad and Weather app for Android devices. The new Yahoo Mail app for iPad combines an easy-to-read mail interface with personalized news, local weather and trending videos. Yahoo new Weather app provides Android users with high-resolution photos powered by the Flickr community that correspond to location, time of day, and weather conditions. The app is a free download in the Android Market and displays weather for 63 countries.

Yahoo also updated its social features in Yahoo News, since adding Facebook functionality in September after the f8 Developer Conference. The new features encourage social discovery through friends, by enabling people to have group conversations within Yahoo news, and sending users notifications of Yahoo activity that may interest them. Yahoo also introduced the Social Sentiment Slider, which is a social opinion poll that leverages the news to spark conversations. The Social Slider is available now, but group conversations and notifications will be available in the coming weeks.

Approximately 700 million people visit Yahoo sites every month.

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