• A new demon appears in the episode
  • Setsuna sets out to know more about Kyuyokon and Bokusen-Oh
  • "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon" Episode 26 is airing Saturday

Setsuna is back and reunites with Moroha and Towa. The demon hunters get a new case in "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon" Episode 2, titled "Demon Spirit of the Sea."

The official promo trailer of Episode 2 shows Towa and Setsuna's tearful reunion after the latter was revived in the premiere episode. Towa is grateful Setsuna is alive.

However, Setsuna leaves looking for something called Kyuyokon and Bokusen-Oh. Elsewhere, people with beautiful hair are under attack. In the trailer, Moroha and Towa ask Kirara if he knows anything about Setsuna's whereabouts.

In the first episode of the second act, Towa and Moroha were enraged after Kirinmaru killed Setsuna. Towa declared that she will take away all of Kirinmaru's demon energy.

Kirinmaru was excited to battle against Towa in her new and powerful form. Later, Kirinmaru decided to escape but told Towa that he would return soon.

Moroha and Towa were shown crying next to a lifeless Setsuna. Then, Sesshomaru appeared before Towa and handed her the broken Tenseiga. He told her bringing Setsuna back from the dead depended on her efforts.

Towa knew only she could do it and she would give it her all. After a brief moment of distraction, Towa channelized her energy into the sword. Moroha wondered if Setsuna was trying to bring Setsuna back using the broken Tenseiga.

Totosai and Jaken arrived at the scene. Jaken asked Sesshomaru if Towa would be able to wield the powerful sword. Meanwhile, Totosai asked who broke his precious sword.

Moroha asked Totosai if he can restore the Tenseiga to its original state. Totosai revealed he needed at least three days to completely restore the broken sword.

The cast of "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon" anime includes Azusa Tadokoro as Moroha, Sara Matsumoto as Towa, Mikako Komatsu as Setsuna, Ai Fairouz as Takechiyo, Kappei Yamaguchi as Inuyasha, Ken Narita as Sesshomaru, Mamiko Noto as Rin, Ryohei Kimura as Kohaku, Takehiro Urao as Hisui, Hitomi Ueda as Gyokuto, Hiroki Yasumoto as Konton, Tsuyoshi Koyama as Hisui, Makoto Yasumura as Miroku, Noriko Hidaka as Spirit of the Tree of Ages, Aya Gomazuru as Kin'u, Asako Dodo as Grammy and Maaya Sakamoto as Zero.

"Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon" Episode 26 is scheduled to air Saturday. Crunchyroll and Funimation will stream the second act of the anime series.

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