Beyonce Illuminati Rumors
Beyonce was rumored to have flashed the a hand gesture signifying the biblical "Mark of the Beast" while attending the 2013 Grammy Awards, just a week after she supposedly did something similar at Super Bowl XLVII. CBS Screengrab

Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, an aspiring rapper in Virginia, tried to shoot his friend in order to join the Illuminati and achieve stardom, authorities charge. El-Amin was denied bond in a court hearing last Thursday and a two-day trial was scheduled for June.

The shooting occurred inside a home that was being converted and used as a music studio in Henrico County outside Richmond, reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch. In the court hearing, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson stated that prior to the shooting El-Amin said to his friend, “You are my sacrifice.”

Johnson claimed El-Amin was a threat to the public while noting that the young rapper says he can't remember the shooting or what happened in the month of December due to the effects of heavy marijuana use, reports the Times Dispatch.

The shooting allegedly occurred on Dec. 26, 2012, after El-Amin and his friend were smoking marijuana throughout the night. El-Amin’s friend fell asleep and woke up to a gun. According to the search warrant, the bullet hit the friend's hand leading to skin and bone fragments entering his eye. But despite his injuries, he was able to take the gun and shoot El-Amin in the stomach.

El-Amin will be charged with malicious wounding, marijuana possession, possession and intent to distribute marijuana and a gun charge, reports the Times-Dispatch. The police search turned up a pound of marijuana as well as literature about the Illuminati, the newspaper reports.

Johnson said El-Amin was obsessed with the Illuminati and its supposed link to hip-hop and believed that a "sacrifice" was necessary in order to join the supposed secret society. According to Johnson, El-Amin believed the Illuminati held power over the careers of hip-hop stars and joining the group would lead to a successful career.

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