He has been torn by his feelings about his father’s death and whether or not anyone even wants him to stay in Genoa City any longer, but now, as Adam potentially prepares to leave the city again for good, he could receive the shock of his life on the Friday, Sept. 27 episode of “The Young and the Restless.”

Since Victor’s (Eric Braden) “death” on the CBS soap, Adam (Mark Grossman) has been on the outside of things more than ever, especially after he threw a wrench in his family’s plans by framing Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and making it look like she was the one who changed his medication. He’s also been thoroughly rejected by Sharon (Sharon Case) and been given limited time with his son, Connor, which has him questioning if he should stay in town any longer. As a result, while he plans to leave, his only quasi-ally, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) will get something from him that she didn’t expect.

Young and the Restless
The truth about Victor (Eric Braden) is revealed on the Sept. 27, 2019 episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Bill Inoshita/CBS

“Phyllis gets an unexpected gift from Adam,” spoilers reveal.

However, something could change which might make him rethink his plans, and the only thing that would do that would be learning that his father—and the rest of his family—are playing him.

As it turns out, Victor, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Abby (Melissa Ordway), as well as Nate (Sean Dominic) and Billy (Jason Thompson), are all in on a plot to make it seems like Adam killed Victor, when he is really alive. If Victor learns his son is actually planning to flee town, he may decide the time has come to end the charade once and for all, and he might not be the only one.

“Nick comes clean to Chelsea,” spoilers state.

If the truth gets out, then it will send shocks through the town—and could change the entire course of action when it comes to trying to get Adam to change his ways.

“The Young and the Restless” air weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.