• Hayase is the new ruler of Janada
  • She has an unusual proposal
  • "To Your Eternity" Episode 17 will air next Monday

Hayase has defeated Fushi in the final battle of the tournament. "To Your Eternity" Episode 17 will showcase Hayase making a proposal that will make things awkward for Fushi and the others. The new episode is titled "The Defeated."

The official preview trailer of "To Your Eternity" Episode 17 is out now. After beating Fushi, Hayase of Yonome becomes the new leader of Janada.

However, she has a proposal that will stir up the people of Janada. She plans to capture Fushi and is plotting something sinister.

Tonari is angry and she decides to fight back. She has feelings for Fushi. But can she fight the mighty Hayase and free Fushi from captivity?

In Episode 16 of "To Your Eternity," Fushi struggles in his fight against the Nokkers but managed to defeat the last one who appeared in the form of a giant bear.

After the victory, Fushi and the others decided to celebrate over food and campfire. His friends asked him to share his story.

He said he can take the form of a person or animal he has met before they died. Fushi revealed the Nokkers were there to take these forms away from him.

The group wondered if Fushi could also turn into a bear because the last Nokker they defeated looked like a bear. Fushi confirmed he can transform into a bear too.

Later, in the episode, Fushi entered the final match of the tournament that will decide the next ruler of Janada. And to his surprise, he was facing the person he hated the most – Hayase.

She was the one who killed March. Fushi transformed into his bear form and attacked Hayase, who was able to fight it easily.

The cast of the anime includes Reiji Kawashima as Fushi, Yuuko Natsuyoshi as Mia, Yu Kobayashi as Sandel, Aya Uchida as Parona, Eri Inagawa as Tonari, Taku Yashiro as Gugu, Kenjiro Tsuda as The Beholder, Sayuri Hara as Penna, Rie Hikisaka as March, Nobuyuki Kobushi as Uroy, Mitsuki Saiga as Hayase, Manaka Iwami as Rean, Konomi Kohara as Oopa, Rikako Aikawa as Pioran and Atsushi Abe as Shin.

"To Your Eternity" Episode 17 is scheduled to release next Monday. Crunchyroll is streaming the episodes.

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