The number of live-streaming apps are starting to rival the number of cable news channels. YouTube has officially launched its own mobile streaming feature —though it will only be available for a select group of YouTubers for the time being.

YouTube isn’t new to the live-streaming game—it’s been offering options to broadcast live on its platform since 2011, primarily from computer webcams. But with the popularity of Facebook Live and Periscope, the internet’s favorite video sharing site couldn’t help but get in on the action in mobile streaming.

The new live-streaming feature added to the YouTube mobile app gives creators on the platform the ability to go live any time from any device. Much like its competitors, YouTube displays feedback right on screen so the streamer can interact with the audience—although they may not want to, given the generally toxic state of the standard YouTube comment section.

For viewers of livestreams who really want to make their voices heard, Google is also introducing a feature called Super Chat. The tool allows a person to pay to pin a comment to the stream so it doesn’t disappear, ensuring it will be seen by the streamer.

While release of the feature marks Google making good on a promise made back in June 2016, it won’t be available to everyone at first. Only YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers will have access to the app for the time being. The average user will have the ability to live stream in the future, but no timeline was provided as to when.

How To Go Live On YouTube

Other than the subscribers requirement, there isn’t much barrier to entry with YouTube’s mobile live-streaming feature. It’s easily accessible from within the flagship YouTube app for iOS and Android devices.

Open up the YouTube app and you’ll find a “capture” button front and center. YouTube will serve up a brief screen asking you to provide a Title and adjust some settings, including if comments should be turned on or off, if the video will be available to the public or restricted in its audience, and if YouTube should notify subscribers that you’re going live.

After setting up the stream, tap the “Next” button and your stream is up and running.

Livestreams will live on after the broadcast is done similar to any other video uploaded to YouTube, That means they can be searched for, found through recommendations, listed in playlists and protected from unauthorized uses.