YouTube makeup guru Cassandra Bankson took a bold step when she decided to go camera makeup- free, revealing her acne-scarred face. Bankson has used the video-sharing website as a means of communicating with and helping others who suffer from severe skin blemishes. Her makeup tutorials show viewers how they can get visibly clear, flawless skin with the aid of cosmetics.

Cassandra Bankson's nerve paid off. The 19-year-old just revealed that she is partnering up with Hourglass Cosmetics to promote its Immaculate Foundation. The partnership developed after the makeup company saw a review Bankson posted on her YouTube channel. Her channel, DiamondsAndHeels14, has garnered over 19 million views and over 160,000 subscribers in all.

I posted a review of the Hourglass Cosmetics foundation. Hourglass saw that video, they watched it, and then they emailed me! Bankson said gleefully in a follow-up video. They said, 'Hey would you be interested in getting the chance to talk to everyone who watches your videos one-on-one, tell them about acne, talk to them about foundation and meet them' And I was like 'Oh my God are you kidding me?!'

Bankson insisted that her meet-and-greets will not consist of 30 seconds of talking and then her limply posing for photos. We are going to hang out. We are not going to 'meet up.' We are going to hang out! she told her fans, who she calls her best friends. Bankson will appear at Sephora stores across the nation. See below for a full list of dates, times and locations.

The California native gained national fame after appearing on ABC's Good Morning America in December to discuss her YouTube channel, her makeup ritual and her goal of helping others.

It's been overwhelming, she said on Good Morning America about the response online to her video. It really is an eye-opener. I never knew that for men, for women, even for adults, it's such an epidemic. Yes, it's cosmetic, but it goes deeper than that. I think that's something that's a little bit of a misconception.

In the tutorials, Bankson appears make-up free, revealing her red spotted and scarred face. Yet when she finishes with her make-up routine -- including foundation, concealer, powder and spray -- her skin looks flawless. Because of her technique, she is able to book modeling jobs and she is reaching out to help others with similar problems.

I know exactly where you are, I've been in your shoes and there is hope, she said on GMA. Someone else has been there and there is a way for you to feel just need to kind of search around for what it is that makes you lighten up.

Bankson says the drive behind it all is passion and duty.

I hope this helps you if you guys have acne, or even if you don't have acne and you just want really pretty skin, she says at the end of one of her makeup tutorials.

Styleite chatted with Cassandra Bankson about her now-famous makeup routine and the YouTube guru dished on some of her favorite products.

Right now I'm using a very, very thick cosmetics brush from Sedona Lace. They're super dense, and I like that because I apply less product and get fuller coverage, Bankson told Styleite. I have a tinted moisturizer from Tarte, and the primer I'm using is Hourglass Mineral Veil. It has sunscreen in it, so I love that. For lipgloss, I'm using Urban Decay Lip Junkie. It's supposed to pump your lips. I haven't seen it do that, but it's a really cute color. And then I have a couple of different loose eye shadows and eye shadow brushes.

When asked whether her skin has improved since posting her first YouTube tutorial on covering acne, Bankson responded: I've seen over 12 dermatologists. Since the YouTube video, I've had an amazing opportunity to talk to a lot of celebrity dermatologists as well. Instead of just blindly taking pills or taking medications or following opinions like I used to, I really like to research and collect my own data. I do my own testing and then bring that to a medical setting. Once I find something interesting or that has been shown to work, I bring it to YouTube and show people what has been working. Thank goodness there's been a lot of improvement between now and then!

Here is a schedule of Cassandra Bankson's Hourglass Cosmetics appearances at Sephora stores across the nation:

Saturday, April 21 at 12pm!
Sephora 3rd Street Promenade, 1244 Third Street, Santa Monica, CA
(310) 395-3460

Friday, April 27 at 12pm!
Sephora 5th Avenue, 597 5th Ave, New York, NY
(212) 980-6534

Saturday, April 28 at 1pm!
Sephora Meatpacking, 21-27 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY
(212) 510-7941

Saturday, May 19 at 12pm!
Sephora Powell Street, 33 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
(415) 362-9360